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Eagle Nest RV Park, Hattiesburg, MS


In my opinion there were many “undesirable” types at this RV park with ragged campers and raggedy shower curtain tents. We had electric and water problems that damaged our rv equipment, broken car and rv windows damaged by the lawn service (the only damage that was reimbursed).

The wi-fi never worked. We had a dirt site that was not level and we needed constant adjustments. There was 6″ of water that pooled at our front door after every afternoon’s rain. There was damage to outdoor items when the owners cut down a tree and allowed it to fall 3 ft from our rv.

The park seems to cater to poor and those feighning disability. The owners shot the neighborhood cats next to our rv. The owners and other residents were constantly drawing guns or chasing undesirable campers with their guns holstered. Several campers were arrested there for disturbances and domestic disputes. There was even one long term camper with a auto body and paint shop in a tent on his site.

It’s cheap to stay here, but I don’t think it’s a safe place to park your rv under any circumstances.

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