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Asheville’s Bear Creek RV Park and Campground – Asheville, NC


We made a reservation at Bear Creek RV Park and campground sometime in September, hoping to use it as a base to see the fall colors in North Carolina.

We arrived and were pleasantly greeted at the desk. We were given a box and some wires to get TV service. We asked the young lady if there was anyone there that could help us with that, but she didn’t know anyone. Not a major problem. We sat down for lunch. Within a few minutes two bulldozers pulled up and started digging up a septic tank. We walked up to the office and saw a man in a golf cart and asked if he was the owner. He said yes. I started to tell him that we were disappointed in the site we were on, but as soon as I told him we were “disappointed”, he got out of the cart and told me that he had been in business for 30 years and he didn’t want any of his customers to be disappointed. He then told us to leave the property. We, of course, were taken aback and tried to explain. He just went into the office and told the clerk to refund our money and that he wanted us “off his property”… “now”!

This was so embarrasing and disappointing. I would never go to this place.

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  1. Jane Sessler says

    We stayed at Bear Creek on October 9-12th and experienced similar problems. The cable at our site did not work, the staff was rude. We were so close to our neighboring RV’s we had to be sure our slideouts would not collide. Room for an awning was not an option and we had no outside table. Any possible “green space” was rented as tent sites throughout the park.

    One camper ruptured their RV’s septic tank because a large boulder had been moved to the corner of his assigned spot. Many of the other campers expressed their disappointment at this facility. I wish this report was posted earlier, but I now know how important it is to report these incidents to help others. The “view” of the Biltmore they advertise? It was from outside the park on the road! Kudos to the website designer for making this place look attractive!

    How this place has a stellar Good Sam’s rating of 10/10/ 9.5 has eliminated Good Sam as a reference source on any RV park.

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