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Cherokee KOA – Cherokee, NC


We took our family this past Thanksgiving holiday to Cherokee KOA and it was just a huge mistake! Definitely not worth the $150 a night we paid for a kottage! The kottages are tiny… barely space for a couple. We were a family of 4 and we felt crammed the whole time! Plus it rained 2 of the 4 days we were there and the cabin had a leak in the kitchen that ruined most of our food supply. We reported it on the first day but it happened again on the second day… and there was never an offer to compensate the cost or even an apology for that matter.On their website they advertised indoor pool, sauna, fitness room… Well, there was No sauna, no fitness room, and the indoor pool area was not heated.

When we first checked in they gave us a hand out with the hours for the pool, which it clearly stated that it would be open until 10Pm, so we arranged in our schedule to go to the pool in the evening. When we got there around 8pm, the kids barely had time to get in the water and then were informed that we had 5 minutes to get out of the pool! My husband tried explaining that the paper and the sign on the door said 10PM. We were told that the pool would close at 8 and that is it! The irony of it all was that the indoor pool, sauna and fitness room was a deciding factor in choosing this campground, and did I mentioned we drove 11 hours to get to this place!

There were no activities for adults or for the kids, except for fishing. The sad part was that the pond was right next to a busy road, not safe for anyone much less kids. Because of the proximity to this busy road the pond had garbage all the way around and also litter in the water. The campground had no gate to check in the guests, so anyone could just drive in straight from the road and many do just that, and speeding. Not safe for a dog walk much less for kids bike riding.

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