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Dan River Campground – Stoneville NC

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In my opinion this campground was very expensive! We were told that since we arrived before check in that we would have to be out first thing in the AM. We were the only tent there and had arrived early in order to go tubing. So even though we were there to give them $52 dollars for tubing… we were in the wrong. We had spoken to the man two times before we came to the campground and he never during either of these phone conversations mentioned this.

When we arrived we were told that they had really stopped the tubing the weekend before (even though we had told them we would like to go on the phone). So we had to convince them to let us tube. Then the river was blocked horribly by a tree that took us quite awhile to get around and when we arrived late to the pick up site and told him about the tree… he just got mad at us for being late.

There were aggressive bees nests at the campsites. Girls that had been kayaking at the same time as us (also using that Dan River adventures run by this campground) came over to visit our campsite when they got off the river and the owner came over and asked them to leave the campground because they did not sign in. He also told us that our music was too loud while we were setting up camp. This was around 4:30 or 5 pm. When I asked about quiet time not being until 10 he told me he could have me evicted for being drunk. Which I wasn’t. Other campers had music on until midnight and he never came to say anything. He drove down to the site in the morning and watched us to make sure we were packing up camp since we had gotten to the site before check in.

All in all… this was a horrible experience. We paid $26 dollars for one tent (3 girls) and $52 dollars for tubing… over $75 dollars to be treated badly at this campground.

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