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Pinehurst RV Resort – West End, NC


Horrible is the best description of my stay at this campground. I was in the area for a dog show and when I made my reservations I told them I would have show dogs with me. I was only told there was a limit of 3 dogs and no other special instructions regarding pets. On arrival I was told the dogs couldn’t be unattended. I was then taken to a spot with no trees or shade. Bear in mind I am camping in a pop up. There was supposed to be a pet area but it was never shown to us and is not on the site map.I was put in an extremely low site and it rained. My unit was standing in 4 inches of water. There were plenty of higher sites available but I was not given an option.

The camper parked three sites to my left had a kiddie pool full of toys, toys in the road, pool toys in the tree on the site and a naked child running around throwing things on other sites.

We were asked to take down our cleaned out ex pens on Saturday which we did immediately. I packed them in the covered bed of my truck. They were stolen from there between 10 P.M. on Saturday night and 5:30 A.M. on Sunday morning. When I reported the theft to the management they told me they would talk to the owner and file an insurance claim. On Monday the home office (S & I) called and told me they would look into it. On Thursday I had to call them back and they told me it was my problem, to call the cops and file with my insurance, that as far as they were concerned it was just the same as it it were stolen out of my yard at home. I asked if the same were true if it had been my vehicle and they said yes.

I have filed a report with the sherriff’s department but doubt they will get any cooperation from the managers in recovering my items.

I have never stayed in a campground where the guests were treated like this. I have managed a campground an I can guarantee that my guests were not treated so dismissivly.

If I have been scheduled for another night I would not have stayed because of the lack of security.

I would not recommend this campground at all.

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  1. Anonymous says

    You\’ve got to be kidding me! First of all, even to consider leaving your dogs unattended for any length of time in a campground proves you\’re lack of consideration for other campers. You\’re lucky they didn\’t kick you out right on the spot.

    More than 3 dogs, dog pens, a tent camper… God! I\’m suprized everyone around you didn\’t complain to the management. Camping next to you would surely ruin my vacation.

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