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Salter Path Family Campground – Atlantic Beach, NC

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We saw the negative comment about Salter Path Family Campground. They probably didn’t care anymore because they sold it to build condos. I’m sure the employee knew she wouldn’t be fired. It really was a great place before they gave in to a huge amount of money and made a lot of repeat visitors and full-timers really sad. A lot of the Emerald Island campgrounds have sold to condominium developers in case you are planning a trip there – don’t waste your time looking for a campground.


  1. Is this the campground that had camping available on either side of the main road? Within walking distance there were a gift shop Sails N Shells and a burger place whose name escapes me,Jolly-something?

  2. Does anyone know who currently owns the campground property?

  3. Salter Path Campground meant the world to me. It was a huge part of my childhood for many many summers from 1969 through 1980. I still vacation at Emerald Isle a couple times a year. Love to sneak in the campground just to walk the property and relive the many many memories I have. My dream is to purchase the campground just to preserve the beautiful land. May even put the campground back in business! Anyone who has spent any time there, knows what a special place it is.

    • Are you Tammy Crammer from West Virginia? Me and my cousin Smokie use to camp there every year with my family.

      Lynn Tarr

    • That would be fantastic!

    • Are you Tammy from West Virginia, Jan’s sister.

  4. We were seasonal campers for many years, raised our girls there. Very sad when it was sold. Wish I had the money to buy and open it. Come on PCH.

  5. Last I heard they are going to reopen.

  6. I worked at Salter Path Family Campground way back in the summer of 1974. It was a great place–well managed in a great location, and with terrific campers, many of whom stayed all summer. If it’s gone now, what a shame.

  7. Four years later and no condos built to date. What a waste of a wonderful campground.

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