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Salter Path Family Campground – Atlantic Beach, NC

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Despite claiming that only “quiet” pets are allowed, in fact the campground was full of noisy, barking dogs. At the site next to mine, the people left their Boston Terrier tied up to their trailer and left him to bark for hours. The staff acted like it was no big deal. Then, early the next morning about dawn, several dogs began barking nonstop at each other. The final straw was around 7:30 am when I heard men’s voices right outside my tent. Turns out the town was using a bunch of PRISON INMATES to clean up the beach walkway adjacent to the campsite. The inmates were IN MY CAMPSITE ALL MORNING… just a few feet from my picnic table while I uncomfortably was making coffee. I had intended to stay until the 2pm checkout, just relaxing at my site, but between the prison inmates and the barking dogs, it was anything but relaxing.Seeing as how I paid $31.00 (!) for a one-night stay, I politely asked for a partial refund at checkout, citing the barking, the prison inmates and the lack of sleep they caused me. My request was rudely denied. When I mentioned upon leaving that I would not be a return customer, the sour-faced obese blonde woman at the counter sarcastically replied “I’ll bet you won’t”.

This was the worst, rudest and most expensive camping experience I’ve ever had.

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