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Lake Hartwell Camping & Cabins – Townville, SC


What a great place to spend some quality time with family and friends. Lake Hartwell Camping & Cabins is privately owned and sets on beautiful Lake Hartwell. I recently spent a week at the park. I don’t have an RV, but it didn’t matter because they had a great cabin for me to stay in.

They had everything one needs to enjoy nature. All their sites are set in among tall pine trees. They have a lot to offer the family… miniature golf, basketball and tennis courts, a big playground, a big beautiful pool, hiking trails… just everything campers are looking for.

The people are really friendly and helpful. I would recommend this park to anyone that wants a break from the everyday grind. It’s close to Townville and to Anderson so that you don’t feel isolated.

It was a wonderful, relaxing experience.

  1. Don says

    I cannot see what Shannon is trying to get at. We have been camping here for many years and it gets better each year. The current owners have worked real hard to make this a great place to visit. They have upgraded everything. We have never had an issue with any of the above. Wi-fi has been upgraded last year, it now works great and they also have direct TV. Our grand kids love coming here because it is fun with lots to do.

  2. Shannon says

    In my opinion, Lake Hartwell Camping and Cabins is run down. Below are some of the reasons why you should not stay there.

    BATHROOMS: It appears they clean their bathrooms maybe once a day”. There were several days that there was hair on the shower walls that was not removed, fecal matter on the toilets, dead bugs in the sinks and overflowing trash. There are 5 shower/bathrooms and while we were there, they only had 3 open and the other two locked’. the bathrooms do not have paper towels or soap.

    INTERNET: They claim there is internet but the only place you can get it is on a bench outside their office! For days it was not even working there. If you do connect, it was so slow and not worth the trouble. There is no cell service in the area strong enough to connect 3G.

    ELECTRIC: I cannot tell you how many times our power cut out and the breaker blew.

    WATER PRESSURE: Their water pressure dropped or even no water at all when they have a few campers. We had to turn on our pump to force water from their lines just to flush our toilets.

    STAFF: In my opinion, their staff does not care about the place, their visitors or complaints. To give an example. I work out of my camper full time. The day we got there I realized the issue with the internet. I told them the situation and asked for a refund so I could go somewhere else. They refused!

    Neighbor kids running around at night. I feel that this is not a great place to be.

    RUN DOWN: It is obvious that the owners do not take care of this place since there are ants everywhere (my wife is allergic), the mini-golf course is falling apart and the wood is rotting away, the boat dock has seen it’s last days, the rental boats are dirty and beaten up (dents, rips in seats, poorly maintained), playground items are rusty and dirty (they use a drain pipe as a “play area”). They put in plastic flowers to make it look like they have landscaped. How pathetic.

    We cannot give them any stars. There are several other places that are cleaner, much less expensive and have better grounds to enjoy yourself.

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