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Caney Creek RV Resort – Harriman, TN

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Caney Creek RV Resort claims to be a resort interested in preserving nature. In my opinion that is not the case for the simple fact that there is so much concrete you feel like you are in a parking lot and not a camping ground. Be ready pay $$ for everything you do you will get a fee for. For example when you check in they will charge you a $10 fee for a gate card. This not a deposit but a fee. They then want you to give them the card back when you leave.

We had 3 people on our site and were going to have 2 friends to come up for lunch one day. They charged us an additional $2.50 because we were only allowed 4 per site and any more we get charged. Also, for those people to visit we also have to pay a 1.50 fee for their vehicle. Of course when you question this they say it is our policy. If  I knew this I would have left early and gone to another park.

There is not trash pickup or a dumpster near the sites. There is one dumpster location and is is not near most of the sites. The sites are EXTREMELY small and if you have a long trailer (over 30′) you will have fun getting it in your site. The drive between the sites is simply too narrow and not enough room to back in most trailers. I have a 33′ 5th wheel and as short bed Crew Cab Truck and there was not enough room on my site for my trailer and truck. For the rate they charge you there should be plenty of room.

Their security is always going around telling everyone what they cannot do. Which is fine to a point but it gets annoying when you’re not doing anything wrong. I was told I would have to move my truck to the overflow parking lot since it did not fit completely on my site. But yet you have others in the CG that are hanging over or have more than one vehicle. When you check in they want the drivers license of all adults in your party. Additionally my guests that came to visit for lunch one day had to give the management copies of their drivers license too. To one degree I get that but I have never experienced such of me and the family trying to enjoy a good time.

I will never return here. I will also be telling anyone that will listen not to return.


  1. We just decided to pay for a month there – the park is excellent! I tow a 43′ 5th wheel toy hauler, and the late check in folks toured us around a few spots we could fit into. Our patio opened up over the ravine overlooking the lake perfectly. The site is not huge, but adequate for both of our cars and cart (4×4 SxS). They have overflow parking if you want to open up your area. This park is about the lake and surrounding area activities. The pavilion and pool are beautiful. There are a few open areas with shoes, bags, and shuffleboard. There are boat slips available. Maybe not for everybody, but if you want clean, secure and central – this park is all 5 stars.

  2. I go camping there every year! I love it! I always in vite friends and family. There are movies and events. The pool is amazing and its right next to a lake! it’s beautiful.

  3. WOW… $2.50 for guests and $1.50 for a vehicle… That’s CHEAP! Obviously you don’t camp too much. We just returned from camping and paid $5 for each of my day guests and $10 for their vehicle… site fees are typically for 2 adults. You got a bargain!

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