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Great Smoky Jellystone Camp Resort – Gatlinburg, TN


Great Smoky Jellystone Camp Resort has clean facilities and plenty of kids activities. However, our campsite, and many of the campsites that we saw, were so small that we were too uncomfortable to enjoy those aspects. When we set up our campsite, we set up both our pop-up and a screen room. The site was so small that when the screen room was set up, it was touching both our camper and the camper next to ours. On the first day of our trip, we had planned to fish in the streams around the campground as the web site clearly indicates that fishing is an activity available at the campground. Unfortunately, there were very few places where the stream was deeper than ankle deep. We didn’t fish because any fish in that water would have had their fins sticking out.

When we went to the office to ask if there was the possibility of switching to a bigger site & to see if there was a fishing section that we had overlooked, we went to the office and opened with ‘We have 2 questions for you’. Before waiting for the questions, we received a response of ‘I have 2 answers, no and no’ in a tone that did not appear to be a joke.

While the rest of the staff was friendly, in the end, no other site was available, no fishing, and a no refund for any reason policy held out. We were so disappointed that we ended up leaving 3 days early, even though we had already paid for the full amount of time.

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