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Greenbriar Island Campground – Gatlinburg, TN

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Greenbriar Island Campground – Gatlinburg, TN

Let me start out by saying unfortunately, my friends are not going to allow me to ever pick a place to camp for us again. It was me who suggested this campground to my sister and friends, mainly because it was the only one I could find that could accommodate their 28 ft camper and our pop up and still place us side by side.

We were celebrating my daughters 11th birthday with her cousins who came up from Florida (We are from Virginia). The day after we arrived to the campground, we found that management was very rude. Our children were playing in the grass with our friends dog, when management came out and yelled “Girls, Girls… get off the grass with that dog. No dogs are allowed on the grass.” The area where the children were playing with the dog, had absolutely no signs stating that dogs or people were not allowed. Even the campsite map had a list of rules, but this was not one of them. In other words, there was no way for us to know that playing on the grass was not allowed. It was very embarrassing, since everyone in the surrounding camp area heard and ran out to see why they were upset. Their website says that they provide a large area for the young at heart. We had 4 little girls with us, ages 5, 7, 11 and 11 who were having a great time, however after this incident, everyone in our group felt a bit uneasy. All the kids kept asking if we could please leave, they were all worried about what they were and were not allowed to do in the campground, since playing on the grass with the dog caused such a problem.

In regards to the Greenbriar Island website, it does not show many pictures. I feel that is because all the facilities are run down and poorly managed. The main office picture speaks for itself. Half of the bathroom stalls were out of order, the trash needed to be taken out. It cost a quarter to dry your hands and to get 6 minutes of water for the shower. The soap dispenser was also dirty. I’ve been camping a lot and I’ve seen some bad bath houses, this one would have to be on my bad bathhouse list. If you still decide to camp here bring flip flops.

So, needless to say after that we packed up and left that day. Fortunately we were able to find a campground that had one opening, so we left and our friends stayed. The only nice thing that happened at Greenbriar Island was that they did give our friends both nights free. Which was great . We on the other hand went and camped at another campground, it cost twice as much, but was the nicest RV Park we had ever been to. It was classier, cleaner and nicer. Honestly, ┬áif this was the only campground in the Gatlinburg area, I personally would just not camp or I would seriously consider changing my camping destination to Pigeon Forge, just 15 minutes away. I’ll have to say my daughter’s first birthday will certainly be remembered and spoke of often. I hope this helps in your camping decision.


  1. The lady at the desk was a nightmare! We had a group of 7. We were going to rent two tent spots. We go to check in. She seemed mad. She asked if we smoked. We told her there were two adults that smoked. She said that we better not throw the cigarette butts on the ground because they didn’t want to pick them up. She acted like she really didn’t want us there. Needless to say, we didn’t stay. It’s good to know there is new management. Maybe we’ll try it again.

  2. The Greenbrier Campground is now under new ownership and management this season! We have updated all utilities, added free wifi and cable service, and all sites are full hook up. We have tent camping space on the water and in the grass with water and electric. Pet friendly with fenced in dog area and no restrictions as to where you walk your dogs. We only ask that you clean up after your pet and we have pet receptacles throughout the campground. Laundry facility, game room with tv, and new bath houses! Reopening for the 2017 season March 1st.

  3. I have not stayed at Greenbriar since 2006 because of past management.Now, there are new owners, new water, sewer, cable, and wifi. Sites are spacious and graveled.I just spent last 4 days there and can”t wait to go back.

  4. My family and I camp at Greenbrier every summer and love it. The owners are strict but if you follow the rules they are great. The best part is I don’t have to worry about my kids, because they monitor who comes into the campground. When you pull across the bridge into the campground you forget that you are in the middle of Gatlinburg. It is quite and peaceful and we will continue to go back and camp at Greenbrier Island Campground.

  5. Ok, at first I thought Darlene was rude. But listen, this campsite is very nice, surrounded by the Little Pigeon River. There is a nice swimming hole at the back if you can stand the temperaure. She does have strict rules. Maybe that is why it is so nice. The bathrooms could use updating. The showers are coin operated. But I used my rv shower. I could only get one channel on their cable tv. Phones and satellites wont work. Darlene heped us back into space 63. We will go back here if in area. There are some summer-long campers. They were nice. Control your dogs. Use the dog run and pick up after them. Nothing wrong with that.

  6. Greenbrier Island RV Park is perfect for those desiring a spot that is close in to Gatlinburg yet still gives the feel of camping in the mountains. Can’t agree with Sandi’s review. Camp manager, Darlene, does requre that rules be followed, but that posed no problem for us. Maybe because we ask about them as we check in. We stayed 6 days and loved our time. Sites are rustic & that adds to the charm. We found facilities to be clean. While it was far too cool to test out the water, the river which wraps the park in a circle, has a lovely swimming hole at the far end. We would happlily return to this park. Dianne, Oct 2011

    • I have to agree that the management is extremely rude. I am sorry but if my kids feel uncomfortable being in a place that is huge. I will never ever consider camping at this place.

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