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Thunder Mountain Campground – Bristol, TN


Thunder Mountain Campground does not live up to website description… In my opinion it is not family friendly. The website for Thunder Mountain Campground states there are 120 acres to hike, bike, and explore and 1 mile of Beaver Creek to fish, swim, and wade.

We were there on a Bristol race weekend. There may be 120 acres, but there was definitely no room to “hike, bike, or explore.” Every square inch had an RV parked on it!

We had a 5 year old that we were looking forward to taking fishing or wading. My husband was told before we arrived that there were no fish. I never saw the creek. No wading. We sat in the RV all weekend looking at the 4 walls.

There was no wireless internet. Not a family friendly environment at all.

Thunder Mountain Campground is supposed to be pet friendly, but again, with RV’s parked like sardines, there really wasn’t room to walk the dogs much.

The bottom line… if you are going for a race, and just looking for a place to park and sleep, this will be OK. If you are NOT going to a race, do NOT go expecting to have a good camping experience.

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