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Tremont Outdoor Resort – Townsend, TN


We just had a terrible camping experience in this campground. There were too many rules to remember and the management was not camper friendly. It was more like a Boot Camp.

The campsites were extremely small. The campground was pricy to begin with and there were so many hidden charges. There was a $4.00 charge for every extra car and a $3.00 charge for each visitor to your campground.

The scenery was pretty in the mountains, but not worth the hastle of all the rules.

  1. LINDA says

    We love Tremont Campground. We had to leave early, and they gave me credit to come back. Mrs. Judy is very nice. We’ve been camping there several times year and over 20 years. Our children only wanted there now grandchildren only wants there. Their rules are so family like mine. I will love campground and are safe and want to keep coming there. Linda from Alabama

  2. Nikki says

    We stayed at Tremont in July. We found this was a great campground even though the sites were small. Owners seemed to be kind. Bathroom and pool area was in great shape.

  3. Mike says

    In my opinion, these people here are very rude, and I would not stay here ever again!

    1. LA says

      Depends what kind campground looking for. it is a family friendly camp ground. they try to keep safe for everyone. do not allow tings to happen that will bother other people. want you to behave so all people can have a great time. not a place for partying, fussing, nice place that people would want to take family or to enjoy and will not have to worry about being people being loud and rude and wild. sorry u had bad time

  4. Unhappy Campers at Tremont says

    In my opinion they have the worst customer service ever, and I have traveled the world over.

    The power box plug receptacle at our site was very old and worn out and caused my new power supply plug to short our and burn prongs – we had no power all night … no sleep since and since I use CPAP requested to get credit and cancel my 3rd night so I could move to another place. The owner refused credit and said my plug was bad. It sure is now after the 30 year old box ruined it, and my plug was only used 4 times prior to this visit. We were overcharged at check in… and treated really badly when I went to get bill adjusted next morning. The campground had no Wifi… and No Cell service at this location. That campground was way over priced and near a busy, noisy road. Our site was not level.

    They did have a nice pool however I’m never going back to Tremont Outdoor Resort Campground.

    I see now where many others have had bad experience with electrical systems at Tremont. One of these days maybe they will sell out to people that understand the hospitality biz..

    Room Tip: The other camping options in Townsend are much better choices.

  5. donaldrburch says

    This was our second trip and was shocked when I told them I had to leave a day earlier than I had planned and would they credit my card or let me use it on my next visit. I was told I would have to send them documentation as to why I had to leave a day early. Can you believe that? What happened to customer service and relations. Had it been me I wold have replied with “We are sorry you are having to leave early but hope you enjoyed your stay and yes we will credit or refund you money”. Also we could not eat outside because of the dust flying when cars passed by our site. Not enough space for pets to exercise. No repeat business for me and also my daughter and her family rented a cabin and because of no refund or credit they won’t be back either.

  6. T.J. Cordle says

    Tremont overbooks their cabins and you may not get what you have reserved and have a confirmation for. They show no concern and refuse to honor their own confirmation. The office staff is rude and concerned only about the money.

  7. K-9 camper says

    If you camp you go to have a good time. If you didn’t because you couldn’t get some money back, either you couldn’t afford it to begin with or just wanted to be a trouble maker! Get with the program and follow the rules stop trying to change them!

  8. Jan King says

    The campground is nice but they only take your credit card and will not give you back a refund. Even if you give them months or weeks of notice. The reason I had to cancel do to death and serious illness. I even spoke to Judy the manager.

    1. TomB says

      The egg camping club stayed there last year with over 70 units. We made reservations for this year egg camping club. I had to cancel do to my wife having back surgery. We asked for a refund and the so called manager was very rude and said flat “no refund for any reason”. I call this stealing. Tom

  9. Ron & Terri Medkiff says

    There is no question but that Tremont is a beautiful site to stay. The complaint the individual had about the rules was little about rules but more about the professionalism and courtesy extended the folks concerning fees associated with additional visitors and their vehicle who were not able to come because of a death in the family. Tremont management refused to credit any of the monies extended upfront by these guests for their stay.

    At a time when companies are failing and closing their doors daily, we have yet another entity dependent on their guests to sustain their standing, they simply made the WRONG choice. To those of you less sympathetic, perhaps your experience was suitable but had the reverse been true, perhaps you would tend to expect a more apathetic posture from others. Simply put, rudeness and unprofessional deportment is outrageously unacceptable. For this reason, my wife and I will never stay there, the parks beauty notwithstanding.

  10. nightowl says

    We don’t mind rules and actually follow them. Here are my issues with them…

    We had an issue that they could have handled more professionally. We paid for 2 guests that could not make it due to family death. ($40 $4x5nightsx2people) We paid for their car also not there ($25 $5x5nights). We let them know on the first day that this had happened and ask if they could refund, credit, put on another stay later, anything… they refused. So chalk $65 up to them. I really think they should have done the right thing. We paid up front for the extras and this caused us to forfeit money because we paid up front like we should.

    Also, after this we had a problem with the electricity shutting off. The solution recommended was to turn off the air if we were going to use the lights… They even went as far as to tell us how to fix the breaker in their main switch/electrical box so if it went off again after hours, which it did. We fixed by plugging into empty site. The problem was the plug at the site! By the way, all the working in their electrical box by us was all being done in the rain! PLEASANT!! Anyway we can not say we enjoyed this experience. If you stay here, I sincerely hope you enjoy and don’t have the issues we did. I wish you the best.

  11. Pete says

    We are headed there for a week in July. I have friends that rave about it and they camp there every year. Rules are what lead to a restful and peaceful camping experience. The rules that I hear are enforced are what make me want to stay there. As far as price, you get what you pay for.

  12. Joe Leinweber Jr says

    We camp there all the time form Knoxville just for a break and the 4 years we have been going there we always enjoy ourselves and the staff are awesome to all. Many campgrounds today are applying visitor rules and parking fees as we saw last year at ta campground where there were no limitations in this area some 15 people showed up for a party at the spot next to us and were parked all over, the kids ran all over and they carried on until 2AM. I like to party as well as the next guy but one has to have some respect for their neighbors.

    Tremont is awesome and keep up the good work. I am actually about to call them to make a res for Easter weekend.

    Joe Leinweber, Ret USAF

  13. Annie says

    I think we were camped near these folks. Seems to me they BROKE most of the rules! They acted like they were the only ones in the campground. She forgot to mention the arrogent teenager that broke the pool hook!

  14. jennifer says

    We love Tremont Outdoor Resort! We are heading there this weekend!

  15. Lloyd says

    I read the comment about the “too many rules” camping experience at Tremount. I can’t say I agree. All the rules make a good experience for all. We stayed there for a week in June 08. We had a beautiful campsite by the river and loved the resort. It’s very close to Cades Cove.

  16. Sarge says

    I get a little leary of someone complaining about “too many rules”. We’re full-timers and have camped throughout the country for the past 5 years. Most of the time campgrounds don’t have enough rules or don’t enforce the ones they have. Read the rules before you check in. If you don’t like them, don’t stay.
    Also, the charges you quoted for extra cars and visitors is not unusual, and those rates are not out of line with other campgrounds.

  17. Brett says

    Julie, we’re planning a late summer trip thru Tennessee and were thinking about staying here. What do you mean exactly about too many rules?

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