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Windrock Campground – Oliver Springs, TN


If you’re riding the Windrock trails, do not stay at Windrock Campground. (don’t be confused with Windrock Park) Stay at Indian Creek Campground (has a pool, nice owners, great view) or Windrock Park (new, gravel sites with BBQ pit, picnic tables, nice owners).

Upon our arrival at the campground, we were sorely disappointed in the grounds. It was one of the worst places we have stayed at and they don’t have sewage hook-ups. We decided to try it out anyway since we drove so far. The next day, people we were staying with were screamed at and cursed at in front of our children for simply washing his overheated radiator. We profusely apologized to Gene and told him we didn’t mean to break the rules, but were trying to save one of the bikes. We tried to get him to calm down and he kept on cursing, etc. Our children were completely scared of him and called him “The Mean Man”.

The next day, we decided to take the kids to “The Lost Sea” and upon our return, Gene accused us of vandalizing the bathrooms when we weren’t even there all day. Come to find out after talking to the people who originally installed the bathhouse, the toilets back up every time a hard rain comes. Also, several people on the trails said they refuse to stay there because of problems with the managers.

Take our word, this campground is nat as good as the other two places. We ride all over the U.S. and have NEVER had a problem with anyplace except here. Trust us, take our word, and stay at the other two places I listed above. Not only are the other 2 places much nicer, but the people are very friendly.

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  1. h71857 says

    I could not disagree more. We stayed there for the first time for a weekend in June and had a wonderful time. The trails are wild, but this campground is really quiet! We loved Gene and Missy and never had the first problem with them. Maybe somebody got in trouble??? All I know is that we’re going back in October to stay for a whole week this time, and we’ll have lots a fun all over again…

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