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Cherrystone Campground, Cheriton VA

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I feel that the visitor policy at Cherrystone Campground should be revamped. I know the intent is to minimize outside guests that would burden the amenities. However, there should be some leeway.

My story… I brought the kids camping this weekend. This is the third generation of family to go. Their grandparents, 80 and 75 years old, (first generation) wanted to visit for a couple of hours and have burgers by the campfire. They arrived around 3pm and would be gone after an early dinner. They were told that it would cost them $29 to do this, $12 for each of them and $5 for the car!. If they left the car at the welcome center, it would be a $72 charge to leave it. This is absurd.

My wife went up and the people would not budge on this. So, they rented a campsite for $24 and left after dinner, around 7pm. Not a great way to treat guest, first generation campers at that. Put it this way, They camped there so often that they knew the Ballard family and my wife was on one of the brochures in the early seventies.

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