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Christopher Run Campground – Mineral, VA


Don’t bother staying at this campground. We found the park to be unkept, with small sites, and one old bathhouse with hot showers for 200 sites (and lots of tenters… so showers are in big demand.)

The management seemed unfriendly and there was lots of alcohol drinkers at beach area where there appeared to be no staff supervision.

I do not recommend this campground!

  1. Mike says

    The campsites are not ALL small. The staff makes sure that if you cannot fit into the site you have reserved, they will allow you to move to one of the bigger sites they have kept on hold. So unless you have a 60 foot camper or simply can’t maneuver your camper, you WILL fit. The staff is very kind every time I visit and they have everything you can imagine in the store. They have many activities going on every weekend; no swimming pool, but if you’re going to the lake, swim in the lake. The new feature they have is a gate in which locks when the store closes which helps make our family feel very safe. We love Christopher Run and will continue to return.

  2. tem says

    The campsites are extremely small. Be sure to take lots of lumber to try to level up. Many are full time campers with and appeared to be very unkept. I won’t go back.

  3. Dano says

    My family and I have stayed at the campground several times with no problems. I have enjoyed the management. They are quite friendly and helpful. I keep my boat there year round they have decent prices and the Lake access is great with several boat ramps and swimming area that’s great for the kids. I plan on spending a lot more time there in this coming summer.

  4. karen says

    My boyfriend and I have stayed at Christopher Run Campground for the past 5 years and we find it very enjoyable. The staff has never been unpleasant and we can usually get the site we love the most. You are safe and feel at home.

  5. Tabatha Fadeley says

    My family stays at Christopher Run alot like just about every other weekend and we find it very pleasent and very affordable. The campsites are a nice size and nice and wooded in which I was very thankful for on those very hot days. There is an area of sand by the water which makes it very nice for your little ones. They also have a place there where your family can rent a pontoon boat to go out and enjoy a day on the lake. Also the satff has been workin on the bathroom doing some painting and a new floor and it looks very nice. So if your thinking about spending any amout of time at Lake Anna Christopher Run would be my recomendation.

  6. Cheryl Chandler says

    We visited this campground in late August. Our family had a great time. At first we thought there was only 1 bathhouse, but after a drive thru the next day we found the newest one at the top of the hill which was very nice. It was near a playground for the kids that had swingsets and slides and such. The kids enjoyed the game room, and my husband and I really enjoyed the lake. The sites were nice and well kept and the campers were all pleasant and nice. We plan on visiting this campground several more times this coming summer and recommend it to any and all!!!!

  7. jeff gilbert says

    I have stayed at this campground many times in the past. I have always found it quite pleasent and enjoyable. The campsites are mostly in a wooded area and fairly cool on a hot day. There are quite a few boat ramps as boating on Lake Anna is the main attraction for me. The management keeps this campground as a “family” campground. I have seen no problem with the facilities. I am on my way there to spend a three day weekend as I write this comment. This is the best campground for the family oriented on Lake Anna, No question.

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