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Holiday Trav L Park – Virginia Beach, VA

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This past fall our group of 4 adults and 2 children were in Virginia Beach so that 3 of the adults could participate in a marathon being held there. Holiday Trav L Park provided what we thought was a reasonably priced alternative to the oceanfront hotels associated with the race. However, the price quickly went up with the addition fee for any more than 2 people per site and an additional fee to have 2 cars on the site.

The biggest problem with this campground was the intolerable noise at night that goes on until 11:00pm. It was impossible to ignore this when you are camping in a tent. Our first night there, we were unable to carry on a coversation at our campsite because of the DJ performing at a pavillion directly adjacent to our site. It was nearly impossible to get the small children to sleep with the loud music blaring. When we called the office to ask that it be stopped, they said that it would “only” go on until 10:30 and it was our responsibility to check the activity sheet for the night. The activity sheet made no mention of music at that pavillion that night.

The following night was much the same, despite the fact that everyone in the campground who was running in the race needed to be up at 5:00am. The third night was a repeat of the previous two.

When we registered a formal complaint, we were told that they would be willing to refund one night’s stay. However, when we checked out, they had not done this and the person at the desk stated that she was not authorized to do so and we would have to talk to a manager, who was not present. Five days later and several messages later, we finally heard from the manager who implied that it was our misunderstanding that we would be given a night’s refund. He begrudgingly gave the refund after making me hash through the entire scenario again.

One other recurrent problem was the fact that the bathrooms were closed for cleaning every morning from about 8:30-10:00, which seems like an odd time since there were lines of campers waiting to take showers, etc.

The location of this campground is great and may be OK for those with RVs who can close their windows and doors to the noises outside. For the price we ended up paying, we could have stayed at Disney World.


  1. I was here Sept 8-12, 2009 which was just after the season. Check-in was a breeze and the office staff was very friendly. They have a large store open limited hours each day. Be aware that there is NO CABLE here. You’ll have to use dish or antenna. Wi-fi is a pay system at $4.95 a day or $14.95 a week via an outside service. Bath house #2 had lukewarm water for showers. brrr.

  2. We were there in early September 2008. I found the store to be well stocked. The wi-fi is somewhat costly but it worked well. There were ongoing upgrades to the sewer connections that was noisy if they were working nearby. The trolley does not come to the park after Labor Day.

  3. This is a nice campground however I agree with the original post that during the summer months the noise is just way too much. When we were there, we saw teenagers on rented golf carts with 3 or more people on them racing up and down all the streets day and night. An “overflow” area for tents was set up directly in from of the RV supersites and the things that we heard and saw were something else. A group of guys were up all night drinking, cussing and fighting. People called the office to complain but nothing done. I like the campground but unless you like a lot of noise wait till the fall.

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