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Cherrystone Camping Resort – Cheriton, VA


Our family was cautiously optimistic as we arrived for our first stay at Cherrystone in late August. One never knows what to expect when heading out to a place they’ve never been to before. “Will we have a great time or rue the day we made these reservations?”

We chose express entry and that couldn’t have gone smoother. Upon arrival to our site we were slightly disappointed. It was located on a corner and our camping neighbor had somewhat crowded our site but it was adequate.

We had a water view and the sunsets were fantastic. Crabbing was great, fishing productive. The staff in the Cafe were friendly, it was clean, and the food VERY good. The restrooms and bathhouses were immaculate and handicap friendly. The general store held a large variety of necessary camping items as well as souvenir’s. I felt the grocery portion was quite small, however, there is a large grocery store close by, so no worries. The laundry facilites were large and clean but I would suggest making sure you can avoid them… somewhat expensive and one large fan does nothing for the heat in August! The vegetable/fruit stand had a very large assortment of each and carries seafood as well, yum!

Our only major disappointment was with the bait/tackle shop. We have a son who is a parapalegic therefore relying on a wheelchair. This building is NOT handicap accessible. The staff were all supportive of building a ramp and mentioned it has been discussed several times. We were advised to bring it to a specific persons attention while “bumping” his wheelchair up the flight of stairs. (Not an easy task with an adult child). The response given to us was “We’re lucky, it’s grandfathered, so we don’t have to build one” This response as I suggested to him is not something the parent of a disabled child is pleased to hear, in fact I thought it was rude.

We purchased a few small items and then took our future business over to Chris’s… not only accessible for ALL of us but very friendly and helpful.

Overall the staff at Cherrystone were very friendly, curteous and helpful. We had no problems with loud campers and overall had a wonderful experience. So much so that we are planning on a 2 week stay next August! We definately give them a ****star rating!

Note: In a prior blog I read a concern that there is no beach. Cape Charles is just a hop-skip & a jump away and has a beautiful, small, very clean beach!

  1. Paula says

    I’m sorry to hear that your expeirence was SO different than mine especially due to the fact that we apparently were there at the same time. Our family visited Cherrystone from Aug.8-23rd. We invited our son and his family to join us this year and they had a wonderful time as well 🙂
    Some of the sites may be a bit tight but I guess we were lucky again…site 91 was spacious!!! Camper, awning, ez-up, tent, and we still had no lack of extra room.
    We visited the pool several times. It didn’t look green to us….and there were paddle boats on the ponds every day!
    Other campers had been complaining on this site about the restrooms/shower houses. Again, we did not encounter any problems.
    I’m told that the Resort is under new management so there have been some changes. Things did not seem to be as well maintained as last year. Our site had not been mowed or cleaned before our arrival but heck, I can pick up a few bits or trash.
    Kids were riding bikes on the piers but kids will be kids and also need to be monitered by their parents! Golf carts were being driven after hours, but again, if the parents don’t observe the rules then they certainly won’t force their children to do so.
    The only real problem we had was some “excessive” drinking at night on the piers. I think that security should stop, walk on the pier and take in what’s going on rather than drive by slowly and take a quick look. I don’t object to a glass of wine or a few drinks but at times we simply stayed away feeling it was unsafe to be out there.
    But let’s give the new management a chance to step up and make Cherrystone the Family Resort it’s SO WELL known for..
    Return campers may have had a few complaints along the way but they aren’t giving up their sites 🙂
    We will be back next year for 3 weeks!

  2. john odonnell says

    I was so disappointed with this campground. From green pools to a staff that really did not know what they were doing. We arrived early and were told to go right to our camp site. Great. Only thing we were so squeezed we could not even put up our awning. To me the pond were unusable, the sites were extreamly close. We stayed 1 night asked for the remaining money due us and left. Beware this campground is not being taken care of. I will never return.

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