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Outdoor Resorts of America – Virginia Beach, VA

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I just stayed the Virginia Beach RV Resort for Memorial Day Weekend and I am deeply concerned and troubled. We were told we would be in site 111. We get there and they told us they gave out site away and put us in lot 96.

The site was filled with ants and we could not fit into it. We dented out tailgate because there was not turn around. (thank God for the helpful renters and owners who helped us). The manager was not on until Monday evening (on a holiday weekend which I find shocking). I asked for them to have her call me when she arrived. She called me at home on Tuesday and she was the most troubling of all.  I paid for my site and thought I should be able to express from grievance. She also said they do not guarantee sites. I would of understood this if the receptionist would of told me this at the time of booking. I also would have been understanding if someone TRULY did call my house.  In my opinion, she basically called me and my husband liars since she said she “called” (I rechecked my caller id – and today was the first time Outdoor Resorts showed up in the past month).

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