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Chief Sleep Easy – Beaver Dam, AZ

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Chief Sleep Easy is a typical desert park… no concrete and very dusty.

The biggest problem at this campground was the electricity. We have had trouble with campgrounds in the past so are very cautious of the electric meter we keep plugged in. The power fluctuated from 100 to 125 depending on who of your neighbors were using their air or washers, etc. We didn’t use ours – we have learned the hard way!

This is a nice area – south of St. George UT and Northeast of Mesquite, NV. But I wouldn’t stay here again!


  1. This trailer park reminded me of the ole west… dirt streets, smoky air, old buildings, toothless guests, etc. Do you get my point? In my opinion, this place is crummy.

  2. The park leaves much to be desired and, in my opinion among the most run down parks in the Arizona Strip and Mesquite area. Excuse the bluntness… you had it coming, folks.

  3. Chief Sleep Easy RV Park and Kings Court (their little sister park right next door) are in my opinion the best around. They have a very nice Clubhouse with a pool table, a big screen TV, a kitchen and even a community computer with internet access, they have a dog run, lots of trees (and grass in areas), and the best WiFi that you could possibly hope for. They actually offer four different WiFi routers between the two Parks and they absolutely fly… Streaming Video is no sweat and the new Managers are just fantastic! 🙂

  4. Hello, Just found this site. My husband and I were regulars at Chief Sleep Easy, but we quit coming when the owners hired those assistant managers. Talk about rude? I am sure that is who Jeanne had to deal with. We loved Becky. She worked so hard and did things mostly by herself with the help of her best friend Brenda. Those two did alot for us the guest. Good Luck with your new managers. Becky tells me they are doing an excellent job!

  5. Hey we loved the last managers and we are in our 70’s. They were great at enforcing the rules, as nice as can be, but as firm as necessary! Sorry for your experience Jeanne. I know that Lonnie and Becky have retired and we hope they enjoy their retirement and I am sure that the owner Scott still keeps in touch with Becky as they seemed like best friends!
    Good Luck to you new managers Lynn!

  6. This is a great park and the last managers were always so nice. The lady worked very hard to make sure we had everything we needed. Don’t judge so hard and please don’t say anything bad about the last manager, she went way beyond the call of duty to make sure everyone had a nice stay.

    We will stay there again, even if the other managers are retired.

  7. Really sorry to see the comment from Jeanne about being treated rudly by the previous managers of Chief Sleep Easy RV Park. My husband and I have just accepted the Management position at Chief Sleep Easy. We DO have vacancies presently and would really love to have another chance to show our hospitality. If you have any questions, please call us at 928-347-5250 After 12/24/2009. Thanks! Lynn and Willie

  8. The rudest campground host/manager we have ever had to deal with. There were obvious spots available, told us they were all paid for, nothing available. We are middle aged and nice rig, so not sure what the problem was. Not a nice park anyway, but we so shocked by how we were treated , will never go back.

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