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Distant Drums RV Resort – Camp Verde, AZ


My husband and I are currently staying here at Distant Drums RV Resort. We came here by recommendation from a friend in another Motorhome club. What we found so far in the two days we’ve been here is a lot less than what we were told and were expecting.

Evidently there has been no manager for a while and as a result the workers are really slack in their duties. They stand around talking and drinking coffee with the ladies behind the desk. The gardeners congregate and chit chat quite a lot also.

Our friend said this was a 5 star park. Right now it seems more appropriate to rate it around 3 stars. In the park handout, the rules state no working on your vehicle(s), yet this one person seems to be allowed to work on his truck in front of his 5th wheel with nothing being said from the office. This same person also needs to learn some RV etiquette. He thought nothing of yelling across the park at one of the employees riding in a cart. Not one time, but several so far.

This park is owned by the Apache Nation, who also own the casino & lodge across the highway. It surprises us that those establishments are run so efficiently, but this place isn’t. Why? We’ll be updating our friend about this park.

  1. John White says

    We stayed at Distant Drums for a week upon our arrival in Arizona February 2013 to be near the Cliff Castle Casino. It turned out that it was convenient to just about everything – from Sedona to Phoenix. I’m shocked to read the reviews from 2008 and other years. The RV park where we stayed looked brand new!! Clean cement pads, beautifully landscaped with native plants and crushed red rock. The clubhouse was beautifully decorated, very clean . . . the bathrooms, laundry room, showers, gym, patios, pool area were all pristinely clean. The staff was constantly working to keep the sights JUST BEAUTIFUL. The spaces were large and comfortable, the park was large and a great place to walk. There was a lovely clean dog park too! We absolutely LOVED our stay – it had everything you could possibly want in a RESORT but at an RV PARK PRICE!! We will definitely return here in our travels. We are full-timers and stayed in a 40 food diesel pusher.

  2. Barbara Nicol says

    We have camped here several times over the past year. It is a beautiful park. I didn’t use the restrooms or shower, but our son did and he commented every time how spotless they were. Everytime an RV pulled out, there was someone there raking before another RV pulled in. The last time we were there was Thanksgiving weekend. It was very enjoyable. I was concerned because I had never been away from home before on a holiday. This was the first time it would only be my husband and I, except our son joined us for Thanksgiving. They had a Thanksgving dinner for all guests the day before. The park supplied the turkey (there was plenty of it) and everyone brought a dish. There was so much food and no two dishes were the same. We are planning to go there again this weekend as it is a 3 day weekend.

  3. Colin Laver says

    On our way back up to Oregon, we stopped back in at Distant Drums over the Labor Day weekend. I guess the current economic crunch has reached out and touched this place too. The place was basically being kept open with a skeleton crew. We didn’t see anybody raking the gravel or sweeping the spaces after each rig left, like they were doing on our last visit. Trash was not picked up until mid morning. We couldn’t use the jacuzzi because it was covered up. Needless to say that “manicured” feeling is gone. Inside the clubhouse is a bit better. We never saw the manager. I talked with a pleasant lady who was behind the counter. I don’t know if she is from the Apache Nation or is Mexican? But she was very friendly and knowledgable. There are still the “chatters” hanging around the coffee machine and TV instead of what they’re supposed to be doing. I don’t think they realize their shirts say they’re employees? The cleanliness of the clubhouse is still very good. I guess we were hoping to come back and find that the park had regained our friend’s initial appraisal of 5 stars, but it is still 3 stars in our estimation.

  4. Loretta Davis says

    We are back to this park after swearing never to return. Under new management; nice, professional man, worked with us on a group we plan to bring in. Big difference. The new manager has made some big changes and the staff that is there now is a big improvement.

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