Cedar Crest Resort on Huntington Lake – Lakeshore, CA


The big trees at this campground are beautiful, but everything else was a mess.

There were big trash piles of wood and debris everywhere. The water pressure at our site was terrible. The store was full of outdated and dusty products and two of our neighbors who ate in their small restaurant did not have very good things to say. Worst of all, the owner lets his aggressive dogs roam the park. We will not return to what I consider to be a poorly run and maintained park.


  1. I got bit by owners dog yesterday. I had my 13 yr old daughter with me and my girlfriends 12 yr old boy. This place reminded me of where a horror movie is filmed. I never will return. And i dont recommend any of you do either. Beware.

  2. I have spent several weekends at this resort and found it relaxing refreshing and most of all the employees are always friendly and willing to do what ever is necessary to make your stay at thier resort a wonderful one. I have and will return again and again. I really enjoyed my stay and the dogs were extremely friendly to me. I’m thankful there is a family atmosphere where we can take the family and the kids can really have a safe and fun time

  3. I have to agree with Renee on this one! During our stay at this ‘resort’ the owner’s dogs not only barked every day, but also showed aggression toward a man who just happened to be walking by at the wrong time. The store was full of outdated things and the only food we ate in the restaurant that was decent was from a can. I didn’t see any piles of debris, but our visit was a year after Renee’s post.

    • The food is the best on the mountain and not out of a can. All fresh food home made and hand picked quality. The dogs are not agressive and this is a dog friendly and family Resort. The grounds are well kept and water pressure normally very good.

  4. We were only there for a shower after a week in the back country, but the resort seemed nice to me. in fact I’m thinking of taking a large RV/4 Wheelin group up there next summer for a week. Shower water presure was good.

  5. First of all I would like to point out that I was a guest at Cedar Crest Resort for almost a week and I have no comlaints about the care of the resort itself, the food in the restaurant, or the owners so called ‘aggressive’ dogs. The food in the restaurant was the best quality food money can buy and was prepared and served with great care by the restaurants head chef Elizabeth DeRoos. From what I saw the store had no ‘outdated and dusty’ prducts. Everything was up to date and well taken care of. As for the piles of wood and debris, I asked both the owner and the chef and I was told the Slash Piles are the problem of the Sierra National Forest Rangers and that they had promised to remove the piles by June 1st. My childen and I spent a wonderful week there and not once did I see any signs of aggressive behavior from ANY of the animals there. The only thing I can POSSIBLY agree with is the bad water pressure. I hate to see a good finely run resort brought down by one unhappy customer.


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