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Lake Amador Resort – Ione, CA


Their website description was beautiful, unfortunately Lake Amador Resort is a total bust. The RV Park was covered with dog feces and mud. The road leading into this deluxe park was strewn with garbage and full of potholes. It does appear as though there is no maintenance performed at all. The restrooms were absolutely morbid as was the staff member who reeked of alchohol and body odor.

The fishing however is very good. Would recommend staying at the Jackson Casino RV Park and driving to Lake Amador to fish.

The RV Park is filled almost to capacity by full time residents, some of the sites had rooms built on wood pallets and tarps over the roofs. Somewhat of a scary place if you have young children.

  1. Johnnie says

    On a late July Friday evening I pulled up to this “resort” and met the nicest people and I paid my money for a “lakeside” RV spot. I was told to take any spot as there were plenty for the taking so off we went on this dusty dirt road. I get to the “RV” spot and all I see around the water are full time with built in patios and decks an little yards and skinny dirt dusty road going in a circle to all the taken “RESERVED” spots on the lake. Ok so now its time to find an inside spot with no lake view and all I find are spots with no view no shade and lots of dirt and dust. Oh and no fire pits. Finally after now its dark about 9pm the 5 year old is tired I’m tired we go back to the “resort” office and tell them how unhappy I am and I was given my money back in a very profesional manner. I thanked them and off I went to an RV park about 20 minutes down the road.

  2. Marc says

    This is a wonderful place! The slide is there and works fine. The Fish tank and the club house is AWESOME I love seeing what it new each time I go. If you went more you would understand. I think it was awesome that I was able to add my catch to the tank. I sat there the rest of the day watching my bass swim around the tank.

    Obviously you three are not regular “Campers” and are looking for a more “Resort” or “RV” location. This is first and formost a “campground”. Try Trend West or RCI, KIA or 1000 Trails. Leave Lake Amador to me.

  3. Shaun says

    That’s really sad. When I was growing up we went there at least once a year and they had swing sets and a man made pond with a water slides and it was a vary wonderful to place to camp. The club house had these really big catfish in a tank built into the wall. its pity they must have changed owners.

  4. Jodi says

    I agree. I have been camping at this lake a couple of times a year for the past few years.The last trip was in April. Our reserved campsite had a couple of large pot holes filled with muddy water… what a mess. Also, there was a bunch of garbage in the cove… not to mention the prices have gone up. The lodge doesn’t serve food, the fishing well it has been better. If things don’t change I’m afraid we won’t be coming back anymore.

  5. richard emerson says

    We found the campground to be poorly maintained. We observed a large pit in a group campsite area that was full of fish entrails and remains of cleaned fish. I was also informed that the lake was cited by Amador City for not having any handicapped facilities available.

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