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Pomo RV Park and Campground – Fort Bragg, CA

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I have just returned from Pomo RV Park and Campground in Fort Bragg, California. This was one of many trips there over the last few years-always as a large family group staying in 4-6 campsites.

The grounds are beautiful. On this last trip, however, we had a run-in with management that we feel other campers should know about. One of our group was approached by an employee who reprimanded him of speeding. He ordered us off his property and we left. We are an easygoing, quiet group of mostly 60 year-olds, and we have never had anything like this happen before.

I could talk about the trees and beauty of this place, but that doesn’t matter when something like this happens. Also, the bathrooms were not working when we we there, and this was not disclosed to us when we signed in.


  1. You go RVing and want a nice quiet, well maintained comfortable all around great place, then make the time to go to Pomo. It is the only quality rv spot in fort Bragg. Pomo is for the people that like there serenity and peace of mind and quiet. I love it here and come year after year with no problems.

  2. We have stay at POMO every October for a week for the last 7 or 8 years. It’s a nice camp gound. If this person was speeding then they deserved to be run out. We stay in the front row and see two many who do drive well over the posted 5 MPH.

  3. We do have a very nice park here at Pomo RV Park and Campground in Fort Bragg, CA. The beauty of this park is in our private sites, the trees, shrubbery and flowers that are abundant here. We, as managers, have the responsibility of safety for all our campers and that of their children, animals and the park wildlife as well. When campers drive too fast they endanger others. We have many “5 MPH” signs posted throughout the park. Many campers come off the highway and drive 15-20 MPH, as in this case, which we feel is an unsafe speed, given the number of people that are camping here.

    It is not our desire, nor do we have the time to be a traffic cop, but to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment we must enforce the rules for everyone. Occasionally we get a camper who gets out of sorts, (often times there is alcohol involved) cursing in the manager’s face is not acceptable and neither is pushing and shoving. The only restroom that was closed for remodeling was the women’s and I do believe they were informed of where the portable toilets were located. They are cleaned on Mondays and the flush toilets should be operating soon. They did have full hook up sites including sewer.

    The party that left with the RV’s did drive 5 MPH on their way out. They could obviously see that 5 MPH is very slow. The red car with them drove 15-25 MPH.

    We are looking forward to a good camping season this year and hope to see you here.

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