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Sam’s Family Spa & RV Resort – Desert Hot Springs, CA


We wanted to spend a family vacation at Sam’s Family Spa & RV Resort, but ended up leaving after 3 days. It is a pity that Sam’s has nice hot springs and terrible service!

The RV spots are dirt lots with trash along the hedges. The lots have old, cracked, ungrounded electrical hook-ups that pose a fire-hazard in the dry desert climate. Even thought Sam’s boasts having WiFi, they are less than honest about the price of it. When I first called to find out whether there was WiFi available, I was told that is comes at a “small fee”; when I asked the front desk at check-in about internet, I was told that is costs about “$12-$20 bucks to sign up”. I had asked again later, and the front desk attendant said confidently “$24.99”. When I actually went to sign up for the internet, it cost $29.99/month. Sam’s employees couldn’t make a phone call to TengoInternet (provider) to find out the proper price to quote for the RV park customers?

This goes for the rest of their pricing – online there are nightly, weekly, and monthly rates, however, when we signed up for a one-month stay, we were charged nightly rates each of the 3 nights that we were there. When we asked the general manager (Debbie) about this and asked if the online prices are false advertisement, shrugged her shoulders, and walked away saying “That’s not my problem”. We couldn’t believe this!

We asked for a refund of what we’ve been over-charged, but she again walked away. We do NOT recommend this park to anyone, unless you’re looking for a major headache and are desperately wanting to be treated disrespectfully and overcharged.

  1. John says

    Wow, wished I would have seen these reviews before wasted as much time as I did at this place! Wow Debbie is a piece of work! Someone needs to get her some management classes or just basic in human decency!

  2. Courtney says

    We stayed in a tent on this property back in 2008, and it was fantastic! The staff were friendly and organized, it was clean, and the WiFi was reasonably priced and had a strong signal. The hot springs were lovely. My family and I are heading back in 2011 because we had such a good time there.

  3. Kim says

    Robert, you never had reservations here. So it’s funny you should say that you cancelled them. You don’t know me so don’t talk about me and my attitude like that, please. The point is I was just letting people know that I know how the place is here I mean my cousin just came from another country and is now living here with me and she loves this place. I guess I should “stop defending them” since all everyone is thinking that that’s what Im doing but okay then, I’ll stop. To let you know, there isn’t just NEGATIVE comments. There’s positive comments too. If it was a horrible place then there wouldn’t be any postive comments.

  4. Robert Anson says

    We had reservations here and just cancelled them based upon what Kim previously wrote on June 1, 2010. By reading all the previous negative comments and also what Kim wrote, we can tell that she is probably the type of element and attitude of the park. Though she may have been trying to defend the place, she instead gave credence to the opinions of others. If its people like her or him that stay there, then it is a huge reason to stay away from this place, unless you like spending your free time with someone who has a attitude such as that.

  5. John says

    I have been going to Sam’s for the past 10 years. My whole family loves this place because of their hot tubs and relaxed atmosphere. The customer service is incredible and the people are always nice. We always go there at least once a year on a family weekend vacation and its the best. I am actualy going again this coming weekend with my family to relax and enjoy their hot tubs and clean weather. Sam’s gets a +10 from me!

  6. Kim says

    Okay so this was posted 2 years ago… It has changed so much. It’s funny to me how your complaining about the Wifi there. Why do you even need internet if your there to relax and take a vacation? It’s not like if you’re going to be in the pools with a laptop the whole time. Get over it. Next time if your going out to a resort/spa make sure you have money in those wallets ’cause it’s worth the price. Ha, that just makes you sound dumb because you can’t even read the prices. It’s not like they’re going to change. This place has the best weather to go swimming and the workers there are wonderful. I’ve been living here for about almost 10 years and I still love this place. The hot pools are great to chill in. Plus, they have to make BQ and a huge section to play volleyball. The customer service is not horrible at all. Maybe if you folks weren’t so annoying and negative you would’ve had a great time. Oh and to Dan and Bob, if your going to criticize someone who you do not know is pretty low of you. Maybe she even thought you were an obnoxious, rude customer. I’m a very close friend to Debbie and she cares a lot about her customers. Not overly stubborn people. I’m 15 year old teen who enjoys staying here. It’s great for your kids. My whole family has visited this place (I have a very big family) and every single one of them thought it was the most beautiful place to relax at. Instead of googling and searching stuff about this place, visit and have your own experience.

  7. Joyce/Cliff Moffat says

    Hi Debbie:
    We arrived home safe and sound-except the weather is not as nice as at your place. Thanks for making our holiday especially enjoyable.
    Unfortunately, we will not be able to meet you in Victoria on May 13th,as we will be at a waterski tournament in Campbell River.
    Hope to see you again next winter.

  8. Sharron Trevino says

    I was going to book a stay here as I came across this place on the internet, but after reading numerous comments and calling the place and was told they were not full at all and had almost every space available I have decided to stay elswhere. Thanks to everyone who had put a warning online.

  9. Stacy Rutmoore says

    After reading these two postings, I couldn’t believe we stayed at the same place. I had a wonderful time there with my family. Everyone was sooo nice! their pricing is very family friendly, the internet was only 4.95 a day, which I thought was reasonable. Debbie the manager was extremely friendly and even helped plan out our family dinners! The pools were beautiful, the hot tubs clean and hot! The lake with ducks and fish provided my children with lots of entertainment. The RV sites were close to all the facilities. My favorite part is how they keep it all watered by recycling the pool and hot tub water into the lake to irrigate the grounds! it’s WONDERFUL!

  10. Dan says

    This was the most unorganized, rudest (Debbie is the worst!!) staff under the sun at ANY RV Park we have EVER stayed at in 39 states, bar none! It seems like it is their way or the hi-way and I got the impression that the customer means absolutely nothing to them. Debbie, who is some kind of upper management (Gawd help the owners), would not listen to anything we had to say about our issue, which started out small but snowballed into something so huge we packed up and left after paying for 3 nights we never even used! It was worth it to us just to get out of this poorly maintained, run down, and badly managed facility.

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