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Silver Lake Resort – June Lake, CA


We have been RVing for years and have never had a more horrible experience than we had here at Silver Lake Resort. The staff was rude. We came in late 10:15 PM, I had called ahead to see if that was a problem and had been told no. The man that came to talk to my husband asked "if we could read" the sign. While we both can read, his approach could have been better. They told us to get out of there we were waking everyone up. We slept in a overflow lot that night. The next morning the staff continued to be rude. Ultimately we got our money back and left. The sites are not great, they are small, the pictures on the website do not represent the park accurately. The sites are gravel, with a small pinic bench, some concrete pad, no campfire pits. The sites are very close together. Not only will we NEVER go back, we have told all the RVers we come across NEVER to go there either. It was the worst experience ever.

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  1. Ricki mulder says

    My first response is why they had to remain anonymous?? I worked at the camp in 07 while we did not deal with them I would like to know if they were camping would they like someone to come in next to them at 10:15.They were very beligerant.It is an older camp –we have campers that come year after year and I will add they love the staff.

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