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Fallon RV Park – Fallon, NV


This park was recently purchased by new owners. The store was remodeled a bit and is nice. The park however is not. Most of the trees are dead and in need of trimming. The water pressure is quite low most of the time and tastes and smells bad. The septic system plugs up regularly and the sewage leaks to the surface and smells bad. The concrete roadways are broken and have chunks falling out of them. Many of the concrete pads are cracked and not level.There are too many commercial trucks in the park and these are allowed to park in vacant spaces, this is noisy at times like a truck stop. On several occasions the bathrooms were not clean.

  1. Brad Washington says

    The worst part of this park is the rear where the long term spaces are. It’s not the people in them but the park people just don’t bother with maintenance back there. They put all the time in to the front portion of the park which is visable to the highway.

    At that most of the grass is dying there. Most of the trees are dead if not dying. The concrete spaces as well as the driveways are broken in pieces. And yes, the water tastes bad. There was also a sewage smell on a couple of occasions.

  2. Anonymous says

    The park is quite dirty and not really kept up well.
    The spaces are not level and the grass is pretty much dead.
    They allow golf carts and quads to race around the grounds and this can be very annoying.
    The weeds are everywhere and blow all over in the wind.
    By the way, the water does smell bad and tastes worse.

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