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Sallisaw/Ft Smith West KOA – Sallisaw, OK


Upon arrival at 8:00 pm, while explaining the fees, I asked the attendant which was the better deal. His reply was “What do you think?” I chalked that up to his attitude and paid for a month.

At 5:20 am the next morning, we were woke by the slamming of the RV next door which hold 7 construction workers who are filthy. Their campsite looks like it should be in a coalminer’s park… dirty workpants hanging over the awning, empty boxes, workboots, 5 gallon buckets filled with glass beer bottles, can, cups, empty trash on tables, a barking dog, dirty backpacks, gas cans, and other things line the underneath of their trailer. When we spoke to the management and asked for a refund of course they said NO. They did offer to move us to another site. However, I am very sick and to tear down my stuff again takes 5-6 hours. If I have do this amount of work again, I would just like to go to a decent park.

So, yesterday the lady attendant came to get on to us for our brand new Jansport backpack with fishing tackle in it, sitting on our picnic table while we fished. This morning, all 7 workers were outside laughing, talking, and throwing glass beer bottles in the bucket, at 6 am! This park is not worth the expense, and the attendants don’t seem to care.

  1. Kevin Maust says

    I wanted to let everyone know that as of a year ago, myself and family now own and operate the Sallisaw / Fort Smith W. KOA campground. I’m not sure what the above situation was with the previous owners, but I would like to invite you to visit and explore Make sure to read our reviews on our website. We provide a great camping experience! We are a family run campground and wish to make your stay enjoyable. There are a lot of activities both on the campground and in the area. Come check us out!

  2. Hays says

    I was searching for our website and this review popped up. I am the owner of this campground. My husband and I own it and operate it. There are several falsehoods here in this review. First, we have no attendants. The two of us own it and run it. Second, when this individual did not like her site and complained about the individuals next door because they left early, we offered her another site that we guarenteed to be quiet. She declined. As she said, she chose to stay there. We talked to the individuals (6 people) next door. They did not think they were that loud. The people in the site on the other side of them had no complaint and did not think the people were loud when they went to work. Third, she was not the only person in her unit. So her husband could have moved here because he was the one who set up at her site originally. As she stated in her post, she was sick and complained lividly about the other campground she had just left. Fourth, there was no issue about fishing tackle. We do keep a neat and clean park. Maybe she was confused about campgrounds.

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