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Riverside RV Park and Cabins – Lone Wolf, OK


We had a horrible time at Riverside RV Park campground. The roads are very curvey and hard for big campers to get into the campground and the path leading to the campground is less than attractive.

The check in was non-existant. The owners came out told us where to park and said they’d collect the money later. The next day they came out and said that we reserved a week and they wanted to get paid for a week or we could get our stuff and get out! This was so weird, because we had not had any problem with them the day before but they came out the next day! We asked them what if we decided to leave early and they said their was no refunds…

The campground was not very well maintained. Their was one dumpster for trash. Our electrical hook-up was broke and we had to connect with an extension cord to another outlet in another camping spot. When we made reservations we were told that they had a shower house, but when we got there no shower house. No coke machine, no restroom facilities, no gift store, no office, no nothing! I can say that this was the worse place we’ve ever stayed. We were the only one’s camping their that we could tell… Though their was a bunch of campers parked around that the owner said people used on the weekends. We tried to ride our bikes down the path to the campground but were met by three large pitbulls!

I don’t recommend this place to anyone. It’s not kid friendly. No playground or anything! The cabins are some run down trailor houses!

We went to Quartz Mountain but their really wasn’t much to do. No marina and you can’t rent water-craft. The amusement park there was old and look unsafe! The watersides, were ok, but with just 2 slides it got old really fast! Boring place… we won’t ever go back!

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