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Moab KOA – Moab, UT


I stayed at the Moab KOA in Utah during the Memorial Day weekend. Upon arrival, I asked if it was possible to extend our reservation by another night. A lady named Joyce from Ohio told us that they were full, but to check in at 7:30am the next morning to see if there were any cancellations. I told her I would.

Next my wife who is hearing impaired went to purchase postcards. She came out of the office crying. I asked what was wrong and she stated she was treated badly by the lady at the desk. I went inside and found out it was Joyce that had treated her so bad. I did not say anything.

This morning, I went to see if there were any cancellations at 7:30am. Again Joyce was there and this time had a terrible attitude. I asked if there were any cancellations and she rudely said no. I then stated that campsite #17 was unoccupied last night and was there a chance that it would be unoccupied tonight. Again in a very rude manner told me that the people that had reservations did not show up and that even if there was a cancellation, that there was a waiting list. I asked her why she had me get up and be there at 7:30am if there was a waiting list and I would not have gotten a campsite in any case.

My wife and I are avid campers. We have camped many times at KOAs and had been considering becoming a value card member before this incident. In the world where the competition for business is so high it is very unusual to be treated so badly by an employee. I realize that each KOA is independently owned, but such a person reflects poorly on KOA as a whole.

My wife and I will surely think twice before we make reservations at a KOA again and will absolutely not be staying at the Moab, UT KOA again.

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