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Lehman’s Lakeside RV Resort – Marengo, IL


I urge all fellow full time RV families and weekenders to stay far away from this RV park. From management to maintenance, the list goes on when describing how incapable this place is of running a campground. Beware of monthly stays where you must change the power into your own name, and who knows when or if you will receive your bill because this campground does not accept U.S. mail! Our 30 amp travel trailer ended up with a $400 power bill for one month at this campground… we were horrified. On top of a $400 monthly rent, we received what I considered rude treatment from the staff, an unkempt park site with nails and screws leftover from a previous tenant and no promises whether or not we’d receive our $300 deposit due to the owner not being at home when we left.

To make matters worse, this campground charged outrageous prices for propane gas (double the price of surrounding campgrounds) only because they were the only park open year round.

Plain and simple… campers beware and my advice is to stay away.

  1. Jim says

    In my opinion the staff is extremely rude. There is no Wi-Fi or cable. The owner is never available nor will return a call. The place is not maintained. Stay away from here…I warned you. I moved down the road. Much nicer.

  2. Joe says

    In my opinion this is a terrible, dirty park. And no, there is no WiFi throughout the park. I’ve been here 4 months and only get told “They are working on it”. I’ve been told by other residents that its been like this and they ordered Hot Spot. Also the cable doesn’t work either. What are we paying for? The roads are nothing but potholes since we’ve been here. The ponds are all scummy. The water will ruin your rig. Comes out brown no matter what. One or two nights is about all I would use this place for in the future. We are pulling out and going to a different park. The staff is rude here, we have heard them talk to other people. They are overpriced for nothing. They need to remove these old run down campers. We feel like we are in a trailer park trashy and some people look like they are from under a vioduct. Scary. Nobody coming? Well, clean it up! We have never given a deposit to camp. We had to give $300.00. People say we won’t get our deposit back. Well, we will see.

  3. dressrider2000 says

    This is the worst campground I have ever experienced or hope to experience in 8 years of full timing. At first, I loved it, gave them a $400 deposit to hold a site for one year from when I was there. When I wrote to them 60 days later to say my plans were changing, they refused to return my $400 to me. I wrote to the Attorney Generals Office about their business practices too. They have electric issues all over the place and blame them on your faulty coach. Stay away!

  4. rambler says

    So far the place seems OK. It is a little expensive, buts that’s the new world. The water appears to have a high iron content so it smells a little. Not filling the tanks with this! Grounds are decent, the people in the office seem nice, as we had a short conversation, all were cordial, and friendly. We are stating here to be close to the Train Museum, so it is convenient for our one night stopover.

  5. Greg says

    We just got back from a 4 night stay. We paid $47 a night for a full hook-up site with cable. I thought the $47 was a little pricey, but we took it anyway. Here is what I liked: The location of this campground is great and was easy to get to the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago with easy access to I-90. The clubhouse and bathrooms are nearly new and nice. The staff was friendly. The grounds were extensive and provided lots of area to walk around or ride your bike. They had a nice playground that our kids loved playing on. What I didn’t like was: I thought it was overpriced, the grounds really could be kept up better considering the rates you pay to stay there. The WIFI sucks. I would just assume you don’t have WIFI, because it is so slow it is nearly non-existant. I ended up just using my phone instead. The lake and “beach” area need much sprucing up. I never saw anyone using the beach. The lake has too much algae in it to be functional and the beach needs to be cleaned up a bit. Unfortunately, the campground has allowed too many dumpy trailers/RVs to be permantly parked there and some look as though they were abandoned years ago. This detracts from the appearance of the resort. The management really should crack down and get this place spruced up and get all those old RVs out of there. While we were there, we noticed there were a lot of carnival workers camped out there. Not to sound too harsh, but these people roll in with their dumpy RVs and semi trailers and they roam the campgrounds at all hours. In summary, this place is probably better suited if you are just needing a place to set down your RV and drive back and forth from the Chicago area. I hope they fix this place up a bit. it wouldn’t take much and then it would be a lot more desirable.

  6. Joe Sulejmani says

    You people are crazy. Me my wife and my 2 children and my brother and his 4 children camped stayed here for 2 nights and thought it was great! Both mine and my brothers wife are as uppity as it gets and never once complained. We fished, swam, and showered with no complaints. I would highly recommend this place and will be back again. Maybe everyone that posted bad comments should stick to hotels and resorts cause I found nothing wrong with this campground and I make 6 figures a year!

  7. Dana says

    I am here now for the third time staying for months at a time. The sites are large where I am at. There are some smaller ones for the smaller RVs or real short stays. Yes if you pay the monthly rate you need to pay your own electric, no problem and fair. The lakes are nothing to brag about and neither is the slow internet if you can receive it. Yes you need to weedeat around your RV but you can borrow the weedeater from the RV office for FREE. It’s a better option than having the yard guy getting too close to your RV and you don’t have to worry about a mower banging your RV. The water is a problem and you will want to get a water softener if you stay very long. The park is reasonably kept. I had a barker next to me and someone else must have complained because the dog is not there any more. Cable is provided with a small number of channels and I used a booster to get a clear picture. You can get off air channels from Chicago and Rockford. Never had any experience with rude managemant, not sure what that was all about from other reviews. There are a few less than tidy residents that should be addressed but that is a fine line unless they receive a complaint. It’s not really a resort but the price is not resort price either. I would stay here again and probably will next year.

  8. deloy spring says

    We made the mistake of staying for two weeks and paid $187 for the electric. Yes, we have had rude service but have to stay there during off season to be near family. It is the worse campground we have experienced in the country and with their long term renters its atmosphere is more like that of a trailer park. The rates are outrageous also. We just stayed on the ocean in Florida for just $10 more a night. During the off season we stay at the forest preserve in Elgin, much cheaper, friendly, and beautiful.

  9. Eldon Thatcher says

    There was a time many years ago when camping (been RVing for over 17 years for work, 365 days a year) you did not have to hook up to the electric Co. but then there came those who thought that the electric coming out of the RV Park plug was FREE! We can just run electric heaters and it’s FREE! Let me tell you something… the belly of your camper requires the furnace to heat it and keep the water lines from freezing. Dah! Furthermore I stayed in this campground and was treated very well, no complaints whatever. Now pay close attention here those of you who are staying long term… nothing is for FREE! Treat the campground as if it were your very own property, clean up after yourselves, do not keep your dogs outside when you are not home or late at night. Have a little respect for others, you neighbors. You want mail? Go to the nearest Post Office and tell them you will be getting mail there “General Delivery”… they will hold it for you. WOW! How hard is that? As for propane, if the campground is too expensive… get off your lazy duff, load your tanks into your truck and drive to the Flying “J” just across the line in Wisconsin and fill them… I did! Oh! my electric bill was never more than $150.00/month and I stayed there thru the winter of 02. So get off this bull dung of blaming others for your inability to be creative. Think! Respect others and treat the campground as if it were your own… you might be suprised how well you will be received and treated. I have stayed in campgrounds from Pennsylvania to California and from Michigan to Florida. I go by their rules, respect their property, and have had an enjoyable experience in all. The only ones which have been a few were because the owners were lax and let people get away with breaking the rules which in turn caused me to have to see their filth, trash piled up around their camper… or the dog outside barking or playing their radio loud late at night and late night parting. Give me a break! I work 10-12 hour days, expect to came back to my RV and relax, not have to put up with arrogant, disrespectful tenants. Oh… in a lot of the campgrounds up north you can call the local gas company and they will bring out a 250 gallon tank and hook it up to your RV. I’ve done this many time, works out great, they come out and refill it about every two to three weeks. Check with the campground first. They may know who to call. In a nut shell, it comes down to RESPECT! RESPECT! RESPECT! Treat others as you want to be treated. From full time RVer, a 35’ hitchhiker, and a 06 F350, white… from Alabama. If you see me pulling in, stop and say Hi Not hard to see. Pulling tandem, motorcycle trailer behind the 5th wheel. Good luck RVing to all.

  10. JP says

    We stayed two years on a seasonal. Our site flooded after any rain.The swimming pool never happened. We left. Had enough of hanging out in a corn field. Moved all to the Castle Rock Area. Made some great friends but they are ready to leave also.

  11. Nancy Misek says

    This is a comment on the review by Ashley. I am currently at the campground and am familar with their circumstances. In the first place, their dog was a large dog being left outside all day unattended when they were at work. The dog dug holes and they refused to clean up after him. All monthlies are required to weed eat their campsite around their trailer where the park mowers cannot reach. The weedeater is available at the office at no charge. Some sites are metered by ComEd and the electric at those sites is actually cheaper. The rest of the sites have meters belonging to the park and they do pay a higher rate. The water here is well water and has a lot of iron so yes, your shower, etc does get yellow. As for the management being rude, I cannot say, only people will treat you as you treat them and every park must have rules that must be followed or what a mess it would be. It just seems that some people don’t believe the rules are meant for them.

  12. Ashley says

    We are currently staying at this campground, we have not received our first electric bill yet, but I do know that we are being charged $450 a month to stay here, and we’re not even close to the lake, we’re parked beside a cornfield and a huge garage. On top of that, we are also being required to weedeat around our camper. About a week after we got here, management came to our door and was very rude because we had not weedeated yet. I’m not sure why they’re so concerned about it not being done for one week, but yet there are cigarette butts and dog poop all over this campground, plus the fact that the ponds here are disgusting. They don’t look like they’ve ever been cleaned, and I would never let my children get into that disgusting water. So, anyway, we told management we would weedeat the next day, since it was about 8:30 pm when he complained to us. He said that was unacceptable and he wanted it done right then, he said we would have to rent a weedeater from the office that night, but only had 30 minutes to have it finished and returned since the office closes at 9 pm. And we were also told by management that we aren’t allowed to keep our dog outside, even though he was tied to a chain right beside our door, he’s a very gentle dog, we’ve never had any problems with him growling, barking, or biting. However, when I walk my dog everyday, I see several other people who leave there dogs outside unattended. We have also had problems with the water supply here, the water smells horrible, and it is milky, and has a little bit of a yellow tint to it. We obviously don’t drink the water or use it when cooking, but I honestly don’t even feel comfortable showering in it, or giving my 6 month old son a bath in it. When we take a fresh load of laundry out of the dryer, they smell bad because of the water they were washed in, no matter how much detergent or how many dryer sheets we use. And when you try to do the dishes, the odor from the water is so bad that you can smell it throughout our camper. We are also being required to pay the electric company, and no, this is not the plan that is designed for extended stay, we travel because of my husband’s job, so we will only be here for about 2 more weeks, and the owners/management are aware of that. I have had 3 separate experiences where management was very rude to my husband and I. We thought about moving to another campground, but decided against it, because we have a second camper that is in storage right now, and we didn’t see the point in going through the trouble of moving both campers if we’re only going to be in Marengo for about 2 more weeks anyway. So until we are relocated, I guess we’ll just try to stay clear of the rude employees who manage this campground…we were very unimpressed with the campground, and will not be staying here if we ever happen to be back in this area.

  13. Anonymous says

    This park has different rate plans ANNOMOUS must have chosen the plan that was designed for extended stay. That plan requires paying electric bills directly to the power company thru the power companys meters. Does anyone really think you cannot use $400. if you try to heat with electric thinking the park will have to pay for it. SURPRISE!

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