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Moose River Campground – St. Johnsbury, VT


Here are the good things about Moose River Campground – the campground owners are very nice people and the campground is right on the river… very pretty. Site 23 is the best in the place but there are a lot of other sites right on the river that are very nice as well.

Here are the bad things – this campground advertises on their website that they are pet-friendly, but when you arrive, you get an entire page of rules for your dog. The first night we were there, we were sitting at our campsite with our dogs on leashes and another dog came walking by and stopped right near our campsite, one of our dogs barked about 6-8 times and the other about three times. One of the campground owners immediately came over and told us “barking is unacceptable”. This happened at 6:00 p.m., not during quit time. So, if your dog is inclined to communicate with other dogs, then this campground might not be for you. Also, you cannot leave your dog(s) in the camper, you have to take them with you if you leave in the car.

  1. Steve - Rhode Island says

    Based solely on their website I booked a stay at Moose River Campground, it was a mistake. At check-in the owner Mary made it clear that they do not cater to children and gave me the run down of “the rules”. I didn’t think of it at the time because we are empty nesters. With in minutes of pulling in to my site Mary came over to the campsite yelling that we are not allowed to put down a rug on the ground. I folded the rug and put it away while she was standing there, but she continued to lecture me about the rug.

    There was a pot luck dinner that evening hosted by the camp ground which we brought over a large baking dish of homemade mac and cheese hot from our oven. We asked where they would like it, and a nice lady helped place it on the tables. Because, we were a little late in arriving we asked about serving arrangements and were told to just get in line the last table is just about to be served. While waiting in line Mary came over and told us, rather rudely, to go sit down she had not called the last table. We sat down at the near by table and then Mary while she was still standing next to us called the last table.

    Both my wife and I felt as if we were in the second grade, being scolded by the teacher, because we didn’t know the rules. Rules seem to be very important to Mary.

    That evening was followed up with a very loud, very bad, karaoke show. We escaped to our camper but even with the doors and window shut and the ac on we could not watch tv or listen to the radio it was that loud. The first day of our vacation turned to a day of dread.

    During our stay we noticed a few more oddities. At night there were very few camp fires, with people sitting around, talking, laughing, socializing. Only once did we hear a radio playing quietly in another site. Reading through the rules we discovered the is a $25 bounty on people who do not pick up after their dog! Yes people should pick up after there dog, but do we need to turn the campers against each other! Avoid Moose River Campground.

  2. Jim & Bonnie says

    We stayed three nights and enjoyed every minute. We hiked in the White Mountains during the day and watched the Olympics outside our popup at night. Very quiet, nice riverside sites, very nice owners and clean showers, but keep your dog on a leash or you’ll hear about it!

  3. Deb says

    I stayed there Memorial Day weekend with my three dogs. It was a free camping weekend for veterans and I wanted to check the place out and I’m glad I did. I live in Vermont, but St. Johnsbury is over a two hour drive and a haul with the camper. My dogs were excited and barked a lot during check-in and the owners laughed and said, “all the dogs get excited checking in” and wanted to meet them. My dogs aren’t always quiet, but when they start barking, I’m quick to quiet them. I had no problems with anyone there for the 4 days we were there. The place is very well maintained and there are many rules, but I think they’re only enforced when necessary. I’ve stayed in many dog-friendly campgrounds and they are no where near as nice as this campground. The place wasn’t very busy and my dogs escaped one time and met the neighbors who were very happy to have them around. My dogs are Corgis and very social and very cute so maybe they get away with bending the rules more often. We also went to Dog Mountain before returning to the campground so they were plenty worn out. I would stay there again. Everyone there was wonderful.

  4. Charles Anderson says

    Our dogs did not bark a lot and yes, it was at 6:00 p.m. that the campground owner came over and told us barking was not acceptable. You are right, on the first night our dogs barked for the first time at another dog and we were talked to by the campground owner. Not too pet friendly as far as I am concerned. I could see if they were barking constantly, but that was not the case. Most campgrounds have “no excessive barking” as a dog rule, not no barking at all……ridiculous!

  5. Barbara says

    Wow, I was there and if I am correct, these dogs barked a lot. No matter when they walked in the campground, the dogs barked when they had seen another dog or person. This campground has dogs on almost every site, being pet friendly, and there were other dogs that barked a little, but these two dogs barked every time they went out for a walk. My dogs were even on the deck and received treats and I think this is a VERY pet friendly campground. Who wants to hear dogs barking and I for one believe in a campground full of dogs, you don’t really want one barking. It could start them all barking.
    I was there 4 days with my dogs, and on my first night, the dogs on site 23 were barking a lot, then around 8:00 pm on Friday night, they finally quieted down. Must be when the owners told them to keep the dogs quiet. It wasn’t at 6:00. But they still were noisy during the weekend. I also received the page on dog rules and they were funny, and no different than any other campground, pick up after them, on a leash, no barking, and where the treats are! If you don’t like the rules on dogs, keep them home. The campground is #1 with us and our dogs!

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