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Mission Bay RV Resort – San Diego, CA


Before even checking in, the “rules” were laid down. I would think that most would be common sense since most people have stayed in an RV park before.

I parked my RV in the parking lot as instructed the night before and left it there since the office was still closed at 8:45am. When returning, I pulled up to the office and hopped out of my truck so I could check in while my father re-hooked the truck up to the RV. A person immediately came out telling me I couldn’t park there. My dad didn’t even have time to open his door to hop out and get into the drivers seat!  We stopped to switch seats. Then I get inside, and another person looks at the 2 4-wheelers standing straight up in my truck and proceeds to tell me that I can’t ride those 4 wheelers in the RV park.  I told him we just came from Pismo Beach, and that is the only way to transport them, and no person in their right mind would try to ride them in the RV park. I didn’t feel that I should even have to be told not to ride them there. I hadn’t broken 1 rule yet, but was treated like I had.

The bathrooms and showers were poorly maintained, and had a terrible smell! The laundry parking was not as stated on the map-there was none. Only signs that said “employee parking only” You had to leave the RV park, and go thru the broken down trailer park to get to the laundry. The gate that lead to the laundry was locked at 9am, so you couldn’t even access it. Why lock it at all? Only had 4 machines, and some were out of service.

The security was great. I say that because, I felt like there was so much, they were out looking for someone to break a rule! (they were nice though). I will say that the Snack Shack was wonderful. The people who run it deserve a better place! I thought when booking, oh well, its cheaper, and I’m just sleeping there since I’m there to sightsee, but after visiting, I wish I would have paid the extra money and stayed somewhere else.

It really has the “run by the city” feel. Kinda like when you go to the airport and talk to the “airport security workers”. That kind of atmosphere. I went on a month long RV trip through 6 states, and this is the only RV park that I didn’t like.

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  1. Carl says

    I have had a very pleasant stay Mission Bay RV resort. There are two small laundry rooms but they do the job. Security is excellent and very friendly. The sites are larger than in most parks. The staff was very friendly and accommodating to my rv needs. I didn’t use shower or bath so I don’t know about that. What I do love about this park is the perfect location. Just a hop skip and a jump to the freeway, although it is far enough away not to hear it. It is very close to excellent and numerous bike trails and jogging trails. Right out the gate is a long lit walking trail that goes by the bay and has the most beautiful sunsets. Cable TV is very good having 18 top channels and even though I was in the back of campground I got good WIFI. Looks like management just planted lots of trees and bushes but it will take a few years for them to grow. I really have no complaints and after seeing the other RV parks nearby where people are packed like sardines, I think this was a good choice.

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