Maple Ridge Campground – Lakeville, IN

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We went to Maple Ridge Campground for Memorial Day weekend and July 4th weekend. Me and my dad bought 3 sites for the long 4th weekend.

The campground and facilities are not bad. It’s smaller. The pavilion looks like it could fall down but otherwise it’s not bad.

On Sunday Afternoon I saw the owner arguing with a man that was leaving early and wanted a refund. She was very rude and then told me that my dog wasn’t allowed in the camp store (which is fine but she really didn’t need to have an attitude). Then she returned to yelling at this man to leave now! I let this slide because it was visible she was upset. So Tuesday came around and my dad wanted to stay another week. He paid for the week no problem. Thursday he was in the camp store buying lighter fluid and the man behind the counter told him that he had “the trashiest lot he has had his he owned the place.” Way to say thanks for spending almost $600 this weekend alone. Not including the 2 spots we bought for Memorial weekend and the people we recommended to stay there. (3 people to be exact) that did stay there. Including one that has been there 2 months now.

Needless to say we will be going elsewhere from now on. I’m just not impressed with the owners and their comments toward paying customers. It’s their place so they can run it as they wish but they will not get anymore of my money.


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