American Wilderness Campground – Grafton, OH

American Wilderness Campground |

American Wilderness Campground was well maintained, but the restrooms are pit toilet (out houses) which we were told when booking we would be near the restroom area if we wished to use them, due to not having sewage, but did not explain they were outhouses.

The deal breaker was my family came in to visit us we traveled to see. They charge $6.00 per person to enter campgrounds, and no exceptions. It cost us $30.00 per day for my family to visit us, while we stayed at the campgrounds. The excess was they would use the facility activities. It’s was October and everything in the campground was closed except the game room, and not very many 55 plus people usually use those.

I just can not recommend this campground, and would not return their. Can not understand why Good Sams recommends them, they just missed on this one.


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