Natural Springs Resort – New Paris, OH

Natural Springs Resort |

Natural Springs Resort is a clean, enjoyable place for a family to stay. We stayed 4 nights during the week and had a nice time.

We went scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling and fishing. We also played a lot of Put- Put Golf. My 13 year old son caught several fish and snapping turtles. The swimming, diving, and snorkeling was great because the quarry is beautiful and the water was warm and clear. While diving, I did see several fish and some items placed for diver exploration.

My only, minor complaint is that for the last two days we had to endure a tent camper with many loud kids camping directly behind our cabin. We stayed in a nice cabin toward the back of the park where for the first two days, we were nearly alone. That was wonderful! Then, I couldn’t figure out why the staff placed the tent campers directly behind us when there were so many other wide open tent spaces?

Overall, it was a great stay and I would recommend the place.


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