Heartland RV Park and Cabins – Hermosa, SD

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We stayed at Heartland RV Park & Cabins in Hermosa, South Dakota for three weeks (6-26 September 2020). This is a very nice park with great ambiance, nice appearance, well maintained vegetation, clean facilities, friendly staff, and great location.

The roads and sites are well maintained and level gravel. Each site has an illuminated post with the site number that provides lighting at night for hooking up and disconnecting. Spacing between sites is slightly wider than many RV campgrounds and parks. Water pressure is good and the water has no smell odor or objectionable taste.

Unfortunately, we do not recommend this campground and would not stay in the future. Wearing of face masks and maintaining social distancing is a respect for others that minimizes the transmission of Covid-19 to campers. Not a single employee at Heartland RV Park & Cabins wore a face mask or maintained social distancing.

Although WiFi is provided free, it is a woefully inadequate system. Heartland RV Park & Cabins provides clear notice, the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) size of the network is not designed or intended for online gaming, streaming video, torrents, and video chat. Unfortunately, that notice certainly understates the usefulness of the system. We work as we travel and that work is dependent upon consistent WiFi connection for e-mails, data exchange, and general employment communications. Slow WiFi is frustrating, but usable. Systems that consistently and repeatedly drop the user off line, as is experienced with WiFi at Heartland RV Park & Cabins, is useless. This issue is not insufficient WiFi network range. Signal strength is not an issue when most campers are sleeping. i.e. the wee hours of the night. Neither is the lack of reliability of the Heartland RV Park & Cabins WiFi system due to interference with WiFi network signals. Moving around the park does not change the issue of dropping out. It appears Heartland RV Park & Cabins resets their system, dropping all users off line, whenever a preset number of users is exceeded or whenever a preset bandwidth usage is exceeded.


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