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Searsport Shores Camping Resort had received a good review in a magazine and looking at the website we thought this would be a great place for kids! What a joke! We had just returned from a campground in New Hampshire that had loads of activities for the kids, was neat and tidy and the people were friendly! Then we arrived at Searsport.

This campground bills itself as a family campground on the ocean. First of all, don’t expect a sandy beach it is very rocky. The kids had fun looking for crabs, but it isn’t a good place to swim.

In terms of “activities” for the kids – they had a “walk” to the state park one day – no one else showed up so we went as a family – that was okay – that was the activity for the day! The next night the one activity for the day was a fairy/documentary sort of movie. Not very exciting for two boys.

We had booked for 5 nights and realized that this campground is more of a stopover point or a place for two nights. We asked to get our money back and leave a couple days early. That was not permitted as they are running a “business”. There is a lot this business could do to improve. The sites are $48, 58 or 68 dollars depending on the “ocean view” – they are charging resort prices for absolutely no amenities. I know they are promoting “family” camping, and while I don’t expect my boys to be too highly stimulated, if they are charging that price, they should be offering something for it.

The lawns aren’t cut, the sights are small, with potholes. They don’t give you any information for families to do in the area, not many kids at all there, not a lot around, no pool, etc. It is just very hokey.

If you do go – don’t book – just go – they had at least 50 empty sites on a Saturday night in mid-July and the rest of the week, many, many sites. Don’t make the mistake we did and book for a block – believe me, if you want to stay there will be a site available! We left a day early and lost our money. Our boys were much happier at the next campground.


  1. Family camping vacations are not one size fits all. Different philosophies for different families. Some families actually take separate vacations at the same place. The parents sit back, do their own thing while the kids are occupied with scheduled activities provided by the campground. There are family vacations in which the family finds things to do together and do not depend on others to entertain them. Neither is wrong. It’s simply a choice.
    Family Campgrounds also have different philosophies. Just because your dea of a family vacation is not the same as the campground’s does not make it a poor campground. You need to do your homework and find a good fit for you and your family and if you mess-up such is life.

  2. We stayed at Searsport Shores earlier last summer (June) and had a great time! Prices are in line with other campgrounds in the area.
    Jan… if you did indeed leave your dog alone in a hot camper you should be arrested. People like you shouldn’t be allowed to have pets. Rob from VT.


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