Bay View Campgrounds – Bourne, MA

Bay View Campground |

We go camping at Bay View every year and it’s always a great visit. It’s immaculate everywhere within the grounds, from the streets to the restrooms. I actually brushed some gravel onto the street once to see what would happen and the maintenance crew swept it up within minutes. It’s one of the only campground on Cape Cod that allows campfires.

My children have always enjoyed their visits. Because we go back each year, they have made many friends in the park because there are many seasonal families there. They have about 400 campsites of which about 150 are transient sites. You can come in anything from a tent or pop-up to a 45′ Motorhome. They do have some sites that are near the highway but if the noise will bother you all you have to do is ask to be away from the road.

They have a small outdoor restaurant that serves great food very quickly. They also have a store with grocery items and an ice cream shop. Their amenities include 3 pools, a rec hall, 2 playgrounds, 2 basketball courts, a tennis court, volleyball court, horseshoes and more. There’s also activities each week for my kids, my husband and myself, as well as a dance each week.

We would highly reccomend this campground to anyone looking for a quiet, enjoyable vacation.


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