Old Stage Campground – Madbury, NH

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I have been camping for over 30 years with my family and friends. Every year we (along with several other couples) would go on trips to different campgrounds and campground resorts. A few years ago we went to Old Stage Campground and I, along with my husband, felt like we had been going there forever!

We decided we did not want to camp anywhere else (much to our camping friends dismay) and put our names on the list for seasonal. The owners were so very accommodating, friendly, eager to please and helpful to us. They were part of the reason we decided to settle there. They welcome everyone and are very caring about their campers.

Old stage is a very friendly campground and I am so very happy to have found it, I can’t wait for next year to start all over again. It is truly a friendly and family oriented campground.

Old Stage Campground
46 Old Stage Road
Madbury, NH 03823
(603) 742-4050


  1. I have been camping in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for 35 years, the last 25 years at Old Stage Campground. There is so much to do if you want to be busy, or you can just relax. The owners have been very nice to us. We really enjoy going camping there.

  2. Old Stage is one of the best campgrounds that I have been to. There is so much to do you would never be bored. I have been going to Old Stage for 11 years. I`ve made so many new friends here. It`s just great!


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