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Old Stage Campground – Madbury, NH

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Old Stage Campground – Madbury, NH

I was surprised to see the other review of Old Stage Campground. I have been camping for over 30 years with my family and friends. Every year we ( along with 9 other couples) would go for seven trips to different campgrounds and campground resorts. Two years ago we went to Old Stage Campground and I, along with my husband and son, felt like we had been going there forever!

We decided we did not want to camp anywhere else (much to our camping friends dismay) and put our names on the list for seasonal. Karen and David owned the campground when I first went to old stage, they were so very accommodating, friendly, eager to please and helpful
to us. I did not find any of what “anonymous” had to say about them, they were part of the reason we decided to settle there. Every night they walk the campground and chat with all the campers, They welcome everyone and are very caring about their campers.

They have made improvements to the campground, also. It is true family members help out but they all seem to enjoy doing it. Most campgrounds request fees in advance when ordering supplies from them for propane, wood etc.

I can only speak for myself about the friendliness of Karen and David and feel that “anonymous” must have been having a bad day! Now, two of my camping buddies are seasonal along with us, as well as my daughter and her family.(My daughter came to visit with me for the week-end, loved the campground so much she bought a trailer and put her name on the list for seasonal).

Old stage is a very friendly campground and I am so very happy to have found it, I can’t wait for May of 2008 to start all over again. I should also say that my son is Downsyndrome and both Karen and David as well as their staff, treat him with the utmost respect and kindness. As my son says “we are family” they give him liitle jobs to do, and make sure he is included in all the activities. It is truly a friendly and family oriented campground. — Judy Cadorette


  1. We rented a tent space and were very disappointed. We found the facilities and grounds clean, but we were placed in the middle of several permanent trailers/campers. We felt like we were camping in a fishbowl… absolutely no privacy! There also didn’t seem to be and enforcement of quiet hours. Loud radios and loud people until at least 1:00 am. Not a campground for families in tents!

  2. Customer service was excellent. Everything else was horrible. False advertisement on website about river and pond to swim in. Can’t do either. They lost power and we couldn’t use the bathroom or running water all night, well what about people in tents? Bathrooms ran out of toilet paper on saturday night and still none on Sunday morning. Exposed sewer and water pipes everywhere. Whole campground smelled of septic. Worst camping experience ever. Do not recommend and will never go again.

    • Dave and Karen LIVE to make our camping experience exceptional! The loss of power in July was actually due to the power needs of another campground that had not communicated that they had a new area to support. We (Old Stage) were at the end stage of these issue. The electric company came and did their absolute best to fix the issue. The other campground was put on the back burner for their own reasons. Go Dave and Karen!!!

  3. I have been camping in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for 35 years,the last 25 years at Old Stage Campground. There is so much to do if you want to be busy, or you can just relax. Karen and David have been very nice to us. We really enjoy going camping there.

  4. Sorry Ray, but I did not know Karen or David until I went camping at Old Stage Campground. I did know their future daughter-in-law and son, did not know their parents owned the campground when I went there for the first time. Judy Cadorette

  5. Old Stage is one of the best campgrounds that I have been to. There is so much to do you would never be bored. Karen and Dave are just the best. I have been going to Old Stage for 11 years. I`ve made so many new friends here. It`s just great!

  6. I wasn’t going to put in my two cents, or should I say waste any time on my negative opinion of Old Stage, and I won’t. But I was about to do some research on western U.S. campgrounds and I couldn’t help but wonder if other posts are like Judy Cadorettes. When people submit a comment on a campground and they’re long time friends of the owners, they should probably say so.
    Could say more, but can’t be bothered.

    Enjoy 08′ We will. Ray, Cheryl and family.

    • I had been seasonal for a couple of years and I found that the owners are agressive to the kids… and there are too many drunks.

      • I have to agree!

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