Drummer Boy Campging Resort – Gettysburg, PA

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We stayed at Drummer Boy Campging Resort for four nights in the second week of May of 2007 in our Class C. Before we left, we had read a review that discussed highway noises in the first 50 sites, so we called and they put us out back in a 300-level numbered site. This isn’t a complaint, but the campground property runs for about a country mile, down route 15 (very busy 24/7 with a 65 MPH speed limit) and the property is closer to 15 at the low sites (near the store and mini golf), but we heard the low roar of traffic even from our site. There’s really no avoiding some of that highway noise anywhere at Drummer Boy b/c of its location. The back sites are almost all pullthroughs and are pretty wide, pretty darn level, with a nice heavy gravel cover, and have nice new tables on them. There’s a waterslide out back (extra fee and probably loud… it was getting ready to open as we left, so ask where your site is in relation to it).

Aside from some C’s, it was pretty split between expensive Class A’s and trailer/5th wheels. Someone has done a great job with the roundup on the poison ivy… lots of it in the woods, but virtually none around the sites. Not so much as a cigarette butt or any trash anywhere. Very clean!

There were too many toy-hauling bikers and burners for our taste… loud and smoky smell, but some types just aren’t camping unless they’re making smoke and/or noise.

For breakfast, there is a Perkins Restaurant up Route 15 one exit and to the left. Down Route 116 (where the CG is) is town. Go to the rotary in the middle of town and eat at the Pub… classy and good portions/good service. Try Enterprise rental.. they offer a great rental deal and deliver a car to your site and they have an excellent, helpful staff. Their sign is at the front desk.

When you visit Gettysburg, try the Ike Farm (6 bucks a head–good price) and at the main Gettysburg visitors center, rent a battlefield guide for 45 bucks for in your car.

Here are the three main problems with the camground:
1) The WiFiRV service absolutely sucks! You literally will not get slower internet service anywhere… it’s reminiscent of 1995 AOL dialup, but even slower. The campground says they are not a part of it and make no money on it. Talk about a blatant lie!
2) Also when five washing machines (all of them in one “nearby” building, a half mile away) were out of service, we went to the main desk to use the three overused ones there.
3) When we told the teenaged staff at the front desk about it, we got the expected “Who gives a damn?” smiling attitude we’ve come to expect from rural/suburban middle class teenagers nowadays. Don’t waste your time at the front desk. Look for retired-age people in the non-rental golf carts if you need anything. The kids at the front desk offered us nothing but snarky, eye-rolling behind-our-backs country yokel kid two-digit IQ sarcasm.

Your belongings are totally safe and the whole place is spotless b/c of the older, retirement-era previously mentioned staff. Bring your car or rent one. There is nothing within walking or bicycling distance. (You can bicycle to Benner’s Hill, a third-level artillery spot about two miles away.) Halfway decent cable and it’s 45 a weeknight/55 for weekends, when it fills up. The battle is July 1-3, so steer clear of the HUGE crowds in Gettysburg then, or else, book early.


  1. The WiFiRV service here is very bad! You literally will not get slower internet service anywhere. It’s reminiscent of 1995 AOL dialup, but even slower. The campground says they are not a part of it and make no money on it. I doubt that. The companies that supply wifi SOME of them get ALL the money paid to use it. This gives the park owner a little better rate to have it installed, better RATE but still not CHEAP. Park owner is the loser on most of these deals, as they have to pay for the internet service coming to the equipment of the provider.


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