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Fantasy Island is a beautiful campground located on the banks of the Susquehanna River in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. We had the opportunity to stay there last fall and throughly enjoyed ourselves.

The bath houses are the cleanist we have ever come accross in traveling the US. The campsites are on the river and others have river views along with ones further back. Boating is one of the features on the river. If you have a boat it would be great which we did not but we enjoyed the views along with watching the people who do.

A large game room for enjoyment of games and gatherings is unique as it housed a carosell years ago when it was a small amusement park where the name comes from, Fantasy Island. The campers were all friendly and we experienced a sharing of food and friendly people through out the area. Wi Fi is available to all that have wireless on their computers. It works great!

We will definately come here again. The area is beautiful and good people here. I did forget to mention that is really is a Island, Packer Island.


  1. Probably won’t stay here again. It was a tight squeeze for our 36′ motor home. Wifi was hit or miss- female owner tried to tell me that it doesn’t work for “apple products” (which is a crock!). It worked fine in the office, but just 2 sites away-forget it! It you like the party atmosphere – check it out. It’s not for me and my family. Memorial Day weekend (2014), they had 2 bands. The first band was ok in their rec room. The second band had speakers pointed right at out camper and played until after quiet hours (seriously?!?!). They were very loud and very annoying. The fire rings were filled (packed full) of trash – very disgusting! The other thing that bothered me was the very small kids (3-5 years old – and tons of kids that age) that just run out in front of vehicles. In fact, we almost wiped out the owner’s tiny boy when he stepped in front of our rig…luckily I saw him in the corner of my eye. He was about 2 feet from our bumper when he stepped out to run to the office. My kids complained about the pool being so cold. It’s supposably heated (we were told to 85 degrees, but I highly doubt that!). These owners just took over the place-it needs a lot of work. Hope they can pull it together, but we won’t be back.

    • Those owners couldn’t and didn’t pull it together; however, we took over the campground last year and have been working hard to fix many of the issues you’ve mentioned above. Wifi has been totally redone and upgraded. We allow one band, only on holiday weekends, which is done by 1:00 p.m. (quiet hour). Pool IS heated with a brand new pool heater to a lovely 84 degrees. We are a smaller campground, but have accommodated rigs above 40′ long. It can be a tight squeeze, but we’ve made exceptions for earlier check-ins/later check-outs to avoid maneuvering around in the more congested areas.


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