Hershey Highmeadow Campground – Hershey, PA


We are new to camping, and visited Hershey Highmeadow Campground.

When I made the reservation, only 2 sites were left along the trainline. I highly recommend staying away from this side of the campground. We were woken several times thru the night due to the train passing by, and it blowing the horn! After the 2nd night, and the weekend was over, I asked the desk if we any other sites opened up, and thankfully 2 did. So we chose a site furthest from the train, and had a great time.

The bathrooms were clean and staff was great. We didn’t know to buy Hershey tickets at the campground, they give you a better deal than Giant. The free shuttle was great. The pools were great. The kids had a blast.

We will definitely go back again, away from the train though.


  1. I went to this campground and it was a disgracce. The office staff weren’t very helpful and the campground was a mess. I had problems with office staff members Krissy and Marcie. They didn’t know anything and they were very rude when answering all my questions. The only good thing about this campground was the security, they do a great joob while it is quiet hours.


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