White Oak Campground -Quarryville, PA

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We were 15+ years seasonal campers at White Oak, well not anymore.

The new owners (3 years new) decided to raise their rates, which they are most certainly able to do. We had to hear this information via the grapevine so to speak (confirmed with staff). They raised the seasonal rates from $2850.00 a year to $4,000.00 to $5,000.00 with no advance notice, not even a courtesy email or phone call. (all other rates were changed/raised too!)

The new owners leave a lot to be desired. We were told that the owners want all the older seasonal campers gone! They say rates were increased because of Wi-fi cost. When they first bought the place they increased the rate $1200 which they said was to cover new equipment cost for better wi-fi. We could never get decent wi-fi even after several upgrades.

I just expected some common courteous customer service.


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