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Crown Point Camping Area is located just south of Ludlow Vermont. It’s an older campground that has seen better days.  A first visit of their website looked good… a level pine plantation setting, full hookups, cable tv, mini-golf, playground, and more so we decided to check them out…

Upon entering the campground one of the first things you see is the “mini-golf”. It looked like it hadn’t been used in years. Very depressing. We looked for a decent pull-thru site for our larger class A, and there was nothing. Interior roads were in tough shape too.

The facilities (there were three bathhouses) were old and poorly maintained. The only plus about this campground from our perspective was the staff… they were friendly and helpful. But that’s about it.

We would not recommend this campground.


  1. One of the area’s best kept secrets. We stayed there this summer after being told that the new owners had been changing things in a very positive way. The site was perfect for us and the people were as friendly and helpful as any campground we’ve ever stayed at. Quiet and relaxing place. We will definitely be going back every year.

  2. I used to go here for a couple of weekends a year just for a quiet and relaxing time before Sean and Bonnie purchased the place. It was quiet, but it looked like bums lived there with messy and over crowded sites.
    Since they took over, the improvements have been noticeable and welcomed.
    Last year (2013) we decided to become seasonal and have enjoyed every moment except one incident with the power. It was July 4th week and temps near of above the mid 90’s all week long.
    It does state on the website that they are not responsible for any “shortage” of power output and caution you not to use your AC. This happens at most remote campgrounds and is not just an isolated thing at Crown Point.
    However, Sean and Bonnie went out of their way to help my wife and I find a new site that will accommodate the AC so that would not happen again.
    With this response to help us, we decided to stay again this year for the season.
    With all the improvements done (new lagoon, clean sites)and more coming (power upgrades) We will continue to stay seasonal.
    We love the quiet setting, peaceful atmosphere and hospitality of the hosts.
    Abide by the “rules” of the campground and no one will have a problem.
    I highly recommend this campground for those you want the outdoors without all that noise and clutter of “everything to do and at your finger tips” setting.
    Why go camping if you need 300 channels, internet access, shopping, game room. If you want all the amenities with the bells and whistles, this is not the place for you. This is what camping should be, good times with friendly people sitting around the bonfire enjoying a quiet evening getting to know everyone.

  3. We stayed at Crown Point during Labor Day Weekend, 2013 and found this place to be quiet and very relaxing! They are very helpful and the grounds older but clean. Like Sean said it’s a Diamond in the ruff right now. Their working on improvements and it shows. For us the location was perfect, out in the woods, fresh county air and able to enjoy nature at its best. Can’t wait to return!

  4. My family and I recently winter camped at Crown Point during the President’s Day holiday week and had a wonderful time. We skied Okemo during the day and relaxed at Crown Point in the evening. On Saturday night we had a nice group of Boy Scouts winter camping in the campgrounds octagon hut. It was nice to see this group of young people spending time in the outdoors winter camping and working on their merit badges. The Crumb family does a very good job operating the campground and making everyone feel welcome. The facilities were very clean and everything work as it should. We will recommend Crown Point to all of our family and friends.

  5. I completely agree with the statement above! Good luck trying to run your A/C unit, the electric is so outdated you will ruin your unit!

  6. We stayed over New Years 2012 weekend to Jan. 1 2013. Motor home skiing. This campground was the only one open over the winter. We wanted a site with full hook-up for about 4 days of skiing at Okemo. It was everything I expected based on discussion with Shawn (owner). Site was next to only open bath house. (the others were closed for winter). The bath house was clean, everything worked, and there was plenty of hot water for showers. The owner kept the entry paths cleared of snow, and prepared roads for our departure. Ours is a bus, 45ft and 50,000lbs. It’s not great in the snow. There were some other campers there as Crown point appears to be near or part of an extended snowmobile super highway of trails. Very cool.
    We did not go to Crown Point looking for lots of amenities or activities, its winter for crisesakes. The new owners have been here about a year or little more. They have lots to do and I believe he will do what he says. We will return for more skiing.

  7. I just spent a wonderful weekend at Crown Point. The new owners have cleaned up the campground nicely. We found the bathhouses to be very clean and well cared for. The new owners are very pleasant and professional in their approach to camping.. Very welcoming! I had camped here in the past when it wasn’t run to well and found all the work and improvements to the park a breath of fresh air. Anyone that is sceptical should give Crown Point another look and see for themselves. I would recommend Crown Point Camping Area to all my friends and family

    • I would not recommend this place. It’s not fun, very boring, poor management. There are far better campgrounds to choose from in the area.

  8. The new owners may be making nice physical changes but their attitudes fall far from desirable. Our recent camping trip involved Mr. Crumb entering our campsite with hostility and using profanity in front of our children. Our entire extended family have been camping here for over 15 yrs and never would the Pinders treat us with such disrespect! The situation (loud voices) could have been handled with a polite request for us to be more aware of our voices carrying, instead a very combative approach was used that quickly begot profanity used by the owner and threats of state police. This was appalling, unprofessional behavior and we will be spreading the word that this is not the place for families!

  9. The unhappy camper should have gone to Crown Point in October. It has undergone an amazing transformation. Us old-time seasonals are very proud of the new owners & the work they did & are doing still. Check the campground out on facebook & you’ll see all the latest photos that everyone has posted & how beautiful & clean it is now.

  10. As all above CPCA campers have noted tragic lose of Paul (owner and operator) plus a good friend of all. We did have a tough time and all worked to carry on. Now with the new owners (Sean and Bonnie) we are back and will be better than ever! As a 39 year camper at Crown Point. Can’t find a better place in New England. Try us, if you don’t. your lose!

  11. The new owners are putting their heart and soul into this campground, just like the previous owners did before they had a family tragedy. It is a great area with loads of great people and gets better everyday. Try it!

  12. I have been a “seasonal” camper at Crown Point for nearly 11 years. While the campground has been in transition following the death of the previous owner we have new owners and great improvements are happening! Pot luck dinners, Silpada jewelry parties, Ice Cream Socials to name a few.
    Crown Point Campground is situated in a pine forest that allows for camping in a quiet, peaceful environment and is situated on Stoughton Pond which provides for activities such as swimming, canoeing, fishing, etc.
    Obviously, after 11 years, there is no campground I’d rather be at!

  13. Dear Unhappy Camper and to the one that posted that it was a depressing trailer park and not a campground. You need to just stop and talk to the seasonal campers, many of who have been there up to 43yrs. They would tell you that the seasonal campers are family. It’s our home, and don’t take kindly to people who don’t take the time to get to know us and see who we really are. Maybe things looked depressing. If you had gotten to know any of us we would have told you that we lost our beloved owner very suddenly. We along with his 80 yr old father did what we could to keep our home going. We are very happy that we have new owners, ones that took the time to get to know us and know that we think of Crown Point as home and who do what we needed to help them. They are wonderful people and people need to realize good things take time. Come and enjoy a week-end with us, you’ll see we are kind people and will make your stay a good one. Give us a chance, you’ll be glad you did.

  14. I have been to crown point this year and it is under new ownership. The new owners have cleaned up the bathhouses, the mini golf is looking good and overall they are cleaning the place up. Great staff and very friendly campers. Activities on the weekend. We had a great time. Would love to go every weekend.

  15. It’s tough to believe the staff was all that was ok. You have to find one to prove this. In my opinion, it is a very depressing trailer park and not a campground.


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