Honeys Park Free Dry Camp n Dog Park – Arco, ID

Honey's Dry Camping | RVBuddy.com

If you ever need a spot to stay with little services, but no fee, a friendly owner with a campfire and a free beer waiting for you; stop on in. If you’re looking for a regular RV park type camp, go next door to the KOA. But if you stop at Honeys you’ll have more fun. His site makes fun of even his own campground, but it’s really just a safe harbor for those tired of, or who can’t afford to pay for RV parks.

It’s named after a dog, and is in fact a total dog park. Off leash everywhere, owner would kick an unfriendly human out long before kicking out a friendly dog. Even has a memorial tree grove for you to plant a memorial to your companions if you wish.

Check it out www.honeyspark.weebly.com or on pretty much every app, google, etc.


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