McKinley’s Marina and RV Park – Waldport, OR


We parked at McKinley’s Marina and RV Park with our windshield hanging directly over Alsea Bay. By providing hook-ups on BOTH sides of the sites, they allow not only back-in parking, but nose-in as well. This allows both RVs and 5th wheels to park with the fantastic view filling the windshield.

In nearly 7 years of full-time RVing, we have never seen an RV park quite like this… and we mean that in the very best way. Instead of just providing paved streets, or paved patios, or paved parking pads, this park has all three… in brand new solid concrete. That may sound cold at first, but the effect of having everything being concrete (with nice plantings between and around the sites) it that everything is immaculately clean.

The bay here supposedly has some of the best Dungeness crabbing in Oregon, and judging by the number of people hauling in large catches, it must be the case. The park rents out motorboats, and also has a launch ramp for people who bring their own boats with them.

There’s also a large gift shop and convenience store, brand new bathrooms (with granite showers) and the newest, cleanest, most beautiful laundry room we’ve ever seen anywhere.

This is a top-notch stop on the Oregon coast.


  1. The park is nice, yes… but I feel the owner and staff are extremely rude! I recommend that if you stay, keep away from the people running the park!

  2. This is our favorite place to stay. Very clean, well maintained and just the most friendly staff you could ever meet. If we are crabbing (and yes this is the best bay for crabbing) or just sitting and watching the bay, it is great. Recommend to anyone who wants a great place to crab or just relax.


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