Robbin’s Nest RV Park – Bandon, OR

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I’ve waited several days before writing this review, because I wanted some perspective after the experience we had at Robbin’s Nest RV Park.

Right up front I’ll tell you that we were evicted from this park with only 5 days left on a month long stay. We have been RVers for 6 years now, and have never been evicted from any other RV Park.

Now, about the park – Four years ago we stayed here for a week and it worked out well. Because of that, we booked again for this year (2020). Upon arriving, we noticed that the maintenance in the park had regressed, with weeds growing up through old picnic tables, pot holes in the roads, trash laying next to their adjoining bookstore and old, unused signs that were scattered throughout the park. All terrible eyesores. We also noticed that the park had become more of a trailer park than an RV park, with most of the lots filled with full-timers.

We were handed two pages of rules, and told that we must drive 5 mph inside the park. No problem. We spent 3 weeks creeping along, watching the speedometer of our truck as we came and left on our daily adventures around Bandon. We were VERY careful to honor this request and abide by this rule. Then the notices started coming and were stuck to our RV door – WARNING:SLOW DOWN.

With a week left on our stay, we slowly pulled into our site and went inside. Suddenly, there was a pounding on our door. Standing outside our rig was the owner (husband) screaming at me and telling me to slow down. I asked him how fast I was going. “Too fast,” was his reply. The next morning the wife came to our door with an eviction letter telling us that many of the residents had seen us speeding though the park (not true), and that we were endangering others. We were given until the next morning to pack up and leave. It became apparent as the weeks passed, that we were not wanted in the park.

We drove up from California where the coronavirus had hit another bad stretch. The owners used the bogus speeding violation to kick us out and placate the residents. In my opinion, this park is toxic and the owners are angry, bitter and rude. There are much better choices in Bandon than this park, which, in my opinion has become trashy and neglected. Think twice before booking here. The fees may tempt you to stay here, but it’s not worth the cost in emotional stress.


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