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Turtle Rock RV Park was by far the worst campground we have ever visited. We were in site 94 from December 22nd to December 26th, 2007. The campground looked like something left over from New Orleans after Katrina hit.

As you drive into Turtle Rock RV there are several junked double wide trailers along the entrance. There is an RV storage lot with junked trailers and RV Sales Lot with an old dead GMC right by the office.The 18 TV channels Turtle Rock provides weren?t working, The WiFi Turtle Rock RV advertises to all sites was not available. The level dirt sites Turtle Rock RV advertises, used all of our blocks to raise the left side three inches, and we were still not level. The construction material, equipment and construction vehicles on the property are a serious eyesore.

We will never return to this nightmare rv trailer park. You can see my pics on irv2.com which support my comments.


  1. S-Cape’s review of Turtle Creek RV Resort, Gold Beach, Ore, sounds like a person who did not want to be on his trip in the first place!
    My wife and I stayed at Turtle Creek and found the park clean, restrooms and laundry one of the best maintained from here to Charleston, SC! The help, truly fit that description! They tried to help.
    The resort is undergoing expansion by adding new buildings to the complex which will give working space for working travelers, and recreational space for families and couples. When do you construct and expand? Certainly not in the Summer and most of us recognize that!
    Just the reverse to Mr S-Cape, we would heartily recommend Turtle Creek RV Resort who want it “right” for the customer!
    Jolly Roger

    • The guest was partially correct as in December we got hit with two very intense storms, one with gusts up to 128 mph the second gusted 80 mph although there was very little visible damage.

      The guest was extremely upset from the moment he arrived and refused any offer of assistance from staff, slamming his door in one staff member?s face. He stayed two days, not five as he said.

      The ugly ducking manufactured homes at the park entrance that he mentions are being refurbished into a 5000 square foot recreation room, kitchen and yoga/exercise room. The facility will be completed by late Spring. It looked even worse due to the torn plastic covering from the high winds. The building was lifted by crane onto the other side of the driveway since our guest stayed and is beginning to take shape, looking much improved with new siding.
      He was told that this was a temporary situation. None of it was visible from his site. We do our construction work during the winter months when we are not so busy. We are continually improving our park for our guests.

      The photo he took of the building supplies is located in our construction area which he had to walk down into to take the picture. Most guests do not walk into that area.

      The gentleman did not like the site he was assigned and refused any assistance in choosing another site. Since his Air Stream has no levelers he would not have been put in the site he pulled into on his own. It also had a cone in it indicating it needed work.

      Both the TV and the internet were victims of the storms. Everything is back to normal and the guest was informed of the storm damage to systems.

      We do have RV storage for the convenience of our guests. At the time of his stay there were 3 stored units, one older RV but not junked. One was a 2006 forty footer with four slides which did not show in the picture he took. The classic GMC that is for sale is in good condition.

      Every Christmas season we light up most of the park with spectacular lights that have won several awards.and survived the winds. This guest did not seem to notice that at all.

      We are truly sorry this guest was so unhappy and we also realize we just can?t please some people.

      Kachina Starr, Co Owner
      Turtle Rock Resort


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