Glendo Lakeside RV Park – Glendo, WY

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On the road we had a sick dog and had to make many stops for him, so it took longer to get to Glendo Lakeside RV Park than we planned. We did not provide an arrival time nor were we told that there was any closing time the 2 times I called or on the website.

We arrived at the campground at 8:40 pm and as we pulled in a little white cart left the office… so we assumed that was just a resident. We went to the office like many other “after close arrivals” to look for our envelope to tell us where to go. There was nothing on the door but a sign that said ‘call and I will be right up’… so I did. No answer on the phone so I left a message and then went to look for my email to see if there was a spot number in it. Just then the little white cart whizzed back up. My happiness turned to shock quickly as I was told by this woman “I charged your card and had you as a no show… it’s 9:00 pm.” I was dumbfounded, I let her know that we had a sick dog and had to make lots of stops… her response “we expect people to be here by 6:00 pm, we close at 8:00pm.” I said I was sorry and that I didn’t see that anywhere on her website, her response “well,usually people call if they are going to be this late, it’s 9:00 pm! I will drive you to the only spot left”…  and that was the last thing she said to us.

We followed her to a nice big open gravel spot, and she pulled off without a word or a wave. The spot was easy to pull into; however once in position you can’t get put the passenger door because of the newly planted tree. We noticed that every site has a tree but most are close enough to be a nuisance.. a little more thought into the placement would have been smart.

The park roads are nice and open, all spots are big enough for big rigs, level, all are full hookups. The campground is close enough to the highway to be convenient but no road noise. $38 a night with a small shop, bar that serves pizza. We didn’t check out any of the facilities since we didn’t feel welcome.

It’s a nice place, Too bad it comes with a grumpy, rude host. If you choose to stay here just make sure to call by 5:00 pm if you are not there yet!


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